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Yamaha YC1SG Silent Piano ¥698,000

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The most compact acoustic piano incorporating Silent system joined Yamaha upright line. Measured 112cm high, 149cm wide and 53cm deep, and built in Japan, it's suitable for first time players for its compactness and attractive price point.

It comes in sophisticated black polished cabinet with open roof top design and tone escapement function and slowly landing fallboard.

In digital mode, the SG type hybrid piano system provides electric piano, harpsichord and other voices in addition to high quality piano sounds, a simple recording/play back function and a USB port.    

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Roland Digital Pianos

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Roland has introduced the new HP series digital pianos incorporating Super Natural sound system and much improved key touch, cabinet design and digital functions.

The Super Natural sound engine which is standard to V-Pianos is capable of producing subtle and delicate sound generated by piano wires and body resonances with key touch intensity. That is to express seamless change of tonal colors precisely responding to player's feelings. It also expresses natural decay of sound.

The 88-key stereo multi-sampled sound and piano resonance to produce reverberation and wire resonance effect of grand piano provide players with authentic sound presence.

The HP307 has advanced PHAIII keyboard, while the HP305 and 302 come with PHAII keyboard. Ivory Feel natural keys are standard to the HP307 and 305. They have new traditional style pedals and come in edgy clean-cut cabinet. Black polished, Satin Black and Rosewood type finishes are available for the HP307 and 305. The HP302 comes in Light Cherry type or Rosewood type cabinet.

Other features of the new line include two headphone jacks, metronome function, a 3-track recorder and a USB port.


It has 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano voices, PHAαII keyboard in a 30cm deep slim cabinet. The fallboard turns into a music rack when lifted. Satin Black and White cabinets are provided. It comes with two fallboard cover sheets for different looks.

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Casio Digital Pianos

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PX-830BK ¥115,000
Two stylish and most advanced models in slim cabinet joined the Casio Privia digital piano line.

They feature new Linear Morphing AIF sound engine which is capable of producing piano sound with nuance expressed by key touch intensity as well as harmonic overtones almost equivalent to those of acoustic piano, 3-sensor scaling hammer action mechanism for repetitive key stroke, just 275mm deep cabinet and a one-piece swing type fallboard. Blackwood type(BP) and polished black(BK) cabinets are available. Music library containing 60 music titles for practice, and an SD memory card slot are also provided.

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Yamaha Clarinets, Trombone and Trumpets

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YCL-IdealG Bb ¥550,000
YCL-IdealGA A ¥590,000
Yamaha has replaced the Ideal series top line of its custom clarinets with new Ideal G line. To achieve greater expressiveness in fortissimo range, they have thicker plated keys as a result of additional heating process, and newly designed barrel and bell shapes. The keys and the thumb rest come in larger sizes for advanced playability.

Both models feature grenadilla body, silver-plated keys, Boehm fingering system, and 17-ring keys and 6 rings.




YSL-891Z Bb ¥260,000
Developed with help of Wycliffe Gordon and Andy Martin, the new trombone comes with one individual NY type and LA type mouthpipes. For full resonance and distinguished response, the tip of the yellow brass slide is silver-plated.

The NY type mouthpipe which has tapered wider and is 2cm longer than the LA type delivers mellow and deep sound yet better responds to high-powered performance. While, the LA type mouthpipe with a standard taper is characterized for fast attack, clean and bright tonal quality.





YTR-938FFMS Bb    ¥600,000
YTR-938FFMGS Bb  ¥605,000
YTR-948FFMS C      ¥600,000
YTR-948FFMGS C    ¥605,000
Markus Bebek, associate principal trumpet of Frankfurter Museumsorchester, joined Yamaha development team to refine the YTR-938 and 948 rotary trumpets after 18 years of their first introduction.

They feature tonal quality of modern German orchestra, characteristics of German style rotary trumpet combined with brilliant tonal color, adjustable mouthpiece receiver, stress-free rotary valve and light-touch mechanism provided by comfortable valve action.

The FFMS and FFMGS stand for yellow brass and gold brass respectively.




YTR-9825 Bb/A ¥370,000
YTR-9835 Bb/A ¥350,000
Yamaha has refined its piccolo trumpets for the first time in 20 years. The 9825 and 9835 completed inviting John Hagstrom from Chicago Symphony Orchestra and David Washburn from Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra as special advisors.

They feature comfortable resistance, open and brilliant sound, new valve casing, trumpet and cornet shunks, and come with individual Bb/A leadpipes. The 9825 is capable of producing one note lower bass tone by pulling the trigger while pressing the 3rd piston.





YTR-988 Bb/A ¥650,000
Developed with advice from Jens Lindemann from fomer Canadian Brass and Chris Martin, the new rotary piccolo trumpet with an adjustable thumb hook and new light-touch mechanism for the rotary valves can meet every requirement from solo to orchestra music for its mellow and full sound, and superior intonation.


2009 Limited Edition Models
Yamaha has introduced special limited edition models of 3 flutes, 1 saxophone and 2 trumpets for the coming business season. 

YFL-714/784LRG09 ¥510,000, respectively
The silver professional flutes with a K9 gold lip and a riser come in a wooden case and matched camel color case pouch.





YFL-514LPG09 ¥225,000
The professional flute features a lip plate and a head joint with its inside finished in pink gold. A yellow case pouch is standard.


YAS-875EX 09SP ¥445,000
The custom saxophone comes with a carved neck finished in pink gold. Individual instrument is complete with a 2008 Jean=Yves Fourmeau Tokyo Tour Live DVD.





YTR-6330B 09SP ¥215,000
A gold-lacquered signature trumpet of Till Broenner which is exclusively distributed in Germany and Austria is first put into the Japanese market.







YTR-8310ZB 09SP ¥270,000
The black-coated trumpet manufactured under supervision of Bobby Shew has an old Yamaha logo carved in contemporary design.      







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Suzuki Sirius Harmonicas

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S-48, 12-hole/48-note, straight tuned slider ¥36,000
S-56 14-hole/56-note, straight tuned slider ¥39,000
S-64 16-hole/64-note, cross tuned slider

These standard type chromatic models incorporate manufacturing technologies acquired through the development works of Fabulous line using the highest quality materials for all parts from covers, reeds to plates.

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Aoyama 29S 29-string Saul Harp

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Without arabesque patterns ¥190,000
With arabesque patterns ¥235,000
A 29-string non-pedal model for entry level players joined the Aoyama harps. Having C to C tone range, it's suitable for versatile applications from concert to home entertainment. It comes in 93cm tall size. Natural Walnut and Natural Maple finishes are available. A tuning hammer is standard.

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Suzuki Japanese Tradititonal Instruments

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Kikyo MS-10S slim neck ¥69,800
Kikyo MS-10M mid-size neck ¥85,000
Kikyo MS-10L bold neck ¥128,000   
They feature Padoauk neck and body, ebony headstock and synthetic head. Individual model comes complete with all accessories needed for performance.








Nagodo Taiko (long drum) set ¥95,000
Horizontal Taiko set ¥42,000
Wound Body Taiko set ¥53,000
They are specially designed for kindergarten and nursery school children using composite European beech and cow hide. All models come with a matched stand and sticks.They are specially designed for kindergarten and nursery school children using composite European beech and cow hide. All models come with a matched stand and sticks. 










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ESP Electric Guitars & Bass

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ESP-ARROW Black ¥435,000
ESP-ARROW Black w/Andromeda ¥450,000
Employing an intrepid body, the ARROW electric guitars feature alder body, hard maple through to the body neck and ebony fingergboard with new impressive TUSK inlay, two Seymour Duncan AHB-1 Blackouts active type pickups, and Floyd Rose bridge. The MAZIORA-lacquered ARROW Black w/Andromeda at the beveled-cut surface is also available. 

VP-L-FR-CTM ¥435,000
The new addition to the VP series electric guitar which is much favored by Loud Music artists comes with a Floyd Rose tremolo system in addition to swamp ash body accented with framed maple top, hard maple bolt-on ERGO joint neck, one individual Seymour Duncan SH-In and TB-14 pickups at the front and rear. Two finishes of See Thru Black and Black Cherry are available.





ULTRATONE-SL 6-string ¥330,000
ULTRATONE-SL7 7-string ¥345,000
The 27" super long scale ULTRATONE electric guitars are back. They have 35mm thick laminated bubinga, maple and Hondurus mahogany body, hard maple neck, 24 frets rosewood fingerboard, 2 Seymour Duncan AHB-1 Blackouts pickups and TonePros bridge with locking function.

Black and semi mat Old Natural finishies are provided.


ESP-AERO BK ¥365,000
ESP-AERO BKAX ¥395,000
They are refined models of the IRON JETs which were first introduced in 2005 featuring multi-faceted body processed with advanced woodworking technology. They have alder body, hard maple neck, 24 frets ebony fingerboard, 2 Seymour Duncan PATB1 pickups and Froyd Rose tremolo system.

Black and Black AX with metallic binding finishes are available.





FOREST-STD-SL5 ¥330,000
The FOREST STD basses have a new addition of 5-string model in 35" super long scale capable of producing high powered Low-B in down tuning mode. It features alder body, hard maple neck, KT-cut 6-point-jointed neck for greatly improved sound, sturdiness and playability, 24 frets ebony fingerboard, 2 Seymour Duncan SSB-5 pickups, and ESP Custom Lab CINNAMON active circuit.

Black, Semi Mat Black and Deep Candy Apple Red finishes are available.


Hetfield Signature Electric Guitar ¥1,000,000
ESP started distribution of IRON CROSS, a signature model of James Hetfield (METALLICA) which is a perfect replica of his performing gear in the world markets in November. Only 100 units are manufactured.

It features black hard maple top with impressive gold lines and a metallic cross, mahogany back with laminate binding, mahogany neck, 22 frets ebony fingerboard, one individual gold covered EMG60 and EMG 81 pickups for the front and rear, JESCAR frets, Sperzel pegs and TonePros bridge.

It's hand-built in every detail and comes with a matched hard case, Hetfield original autograph and an authorized card with serial number. Every instrument takes 3 months for shipment to customers.

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Yamaha Electric Basses

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BB2024 ¥320,000
BB2024X ¥330,000
The BB series basses announced in 1977 and supported by musicians for their characteristic sound and design are integrated into the new 2024. Inheriting the original body shape, they feature extraordinary body resonance.

Original 3-piece spline joint system is employed for the body to acquire body resonance well comparable with solid wood. The alder body has processed with A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) technology to improve quality of materials enhancing mid and bass tone ranges while realizing fast attack in treble range and faster decay.

The I.R.A. (Initial Response Acceleration) technology has enabled to reduce negative effects caused by lacquering and adhesive materials used for the instruments, and to improve body vibration to achieve maximum body resonance.

The bridge employs string-through to body system in which the strings go through the body from the back in 45 degrees angle to better transfer string vibration to the body and to offset string tension at the saddle.

Other features include new BB original pickups, 5-piece maple and mahogany neck, and 21 frets rosewood fingerboard.       

Black, Vintage Sunburst and Natural finishes are available for the BB2024. While, Vintage White is provided in addition to Black and Vintage Sunburst finishes for the BB2024X which comes with a pick guard, metal control knobs and a metal plate. A matched hard case is standard.

They are built at Yamaha Music Craft in Japan.

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Vestax VFX-1 DJ Effect Controller

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Linked with the VCI-300 DJ controller, it provides DJs with super performance based on serato ITCH software. Favorite effect modes can be selected from 12 types for 2 discrete channels. Individual effect mode is controlled with 3 parameters.

Momentary and latch modes for effect control and stress-free soft touch switches are also provided.

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Edirol Ver2.0 Farmware for R-09HR

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A new Farmware for the R-09HR portable recorder is now available from Roland website (

The new functions include; advanced edit capabilities to devide or combine files with the R-09HR, self-timer recording capability, chromatic tuner in simple, graphic and strobe tuner modes and metronome to be used while recording.

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Kawai Music Scanning & Production Software

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Score Maker FX4 Pro ¥60,000
Score Maker FX4 Std ¥38,000
Score Maker FX4 Lite ¥15,000
Score Maker FX4 Pro Academy Package ¥48,000
Score Maker FX4 Std Academy Package ¥28,000
The latest music scanning, edit, publish and performance software programs are now available. The Pro and Std have improved scanning and automatic correction capabilities to efficiently handle mini scores and hand written music.

They have improved processing power as entire programs are redesigned. The FX4 Pro provides standard templates matched to individual music genres.

Input panel has advanced to include chord name entry simply by selecting desired chords from a complete list shown on the display. Lyrics entry is now much easier with mouse control. (only for the Pro.) Practice function is upgraded adding page turning capability.      

It supports Windows 7/Vista/XP Japanese.

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Korg CA-1 Tuner ¥2,800

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The CA chromatic tuner for brass band and orchestra has become more compact and slim.

Having wider A0 to C8 pitch detection capability, it supports wind, stringed and keyboard instruments.

When coupled with the optional CM-100L contact microphone, it provides reliable tuning unaffected by surrounding noise.

Besides high-precision LCD needle-type meter, it has Sound Out mode to produce C4 to C5 reference tone by half tone step through internal speaker.

The calibration function supports versatile concert pitches.

Automatic power shut down function is standard, and it works for over 100 hours continuously with batteries.

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Yamaha Accessories

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Cleaning swabs
CLSSAX2 for tenor/alto saxophones ¥1,500
CLSOB2 for oboe ¥1,600
CLSFG20T for bassoon ¥1,900
CLSFG2ST for bassoon ¥2,500
Employing new micro fiber material specially developed for wind instrument, they come in sizes matched to individual instrument. Two types of one large swab and 2 smaller swabs in one package are available for bassoon.








MPPHD2 Mouthpiece Puller ¥19,000
The Mouthpiece Puller Heavy Duty is refined employing new corrosion-free material with the original functions retained at a lower price.

It's applicable to almost all brass instruments from trumpet to tuba except some instruments with specific mouthpiece shapes.)


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