2009 Music China

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Much Excitement Filled The Fair Site
Japanese Exhibitors Cultivate The Market

The 8th Music China took place for 4 days from October 13 through 16 at Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai. Grown as the largest exhibition for musical instruments in Asia, it drew 1,164 exhibitors from 24 countries from all over the world. Despite the prolonged financial woes prevailing in the world markets, the show proved its growth potential as it drew equivalent number of exhibitors as last year.

The organizer announced 42,499 visitors from 86 countries registered among which 40,001 came from various areas in China. The figure went down 2% over the last year, however, the 6 exhibition halls never showed any sign of economic slow down.

Export Diminished, But Domestic Market Continues to Flourish
Reflecting rapidly developing Chinese economy, construction works go everywhere in Shanghai.

The economic difficulties in the world markets since fall last year has rather mildly affected Chinese economy than other countries, but people tightened their purse strings in a fear for future uncertainty. Hardly hit U.S. and European markets took a heavy toll of Chinese export industries. As GDP growth rate for the country is expected to be around 8% this year which is a significant decline from two digit annual growth continued until 2007, China is no doubt suffering from recent global level setback.

To boost its economy, Chinese government was quick to shift from export-oriented growth to stimulation of domestic demands. It worked and Chinese people are now coming back to buy products. It's said that Chinese production of musical instruments this year will be almost the same as the last year. Aside from dwindled export, domestic demands are still strong and growing.




Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Suzuki Musical Instrument Mfg., Tombo and Toyo Piano were represented by their subsidiaries in China. While Kawai, Mac Corp., Itoshin Musical, HOSCO, KMS Shokai, Suzuki Violin, Watanabe Musical Insts., Takemoto Piano, Union Gakki, Ishibashi Gakki, S.I.E., Gendai Guitar, Kohno Guitar Manufacturing, Tokai Gakki, etc., directly participated from Japan. Nevertheless, a host of other Japanese top brands were displayed through their local distributors.

Piano attracts the largest attention of the visitors
One of the most characteristic features of Music China is that the piano exhibit draws the largest crowds. Piano lesson is the second most favored after school education programs following dance in China. Given the fact that China is the largest producer of piano in the world market, people's exceptional interest in piano seems to be a natural outcome.

As part of its market development programs, Yamaha launched music teaching business in the country in 2005. Today, about 3,000 students take piano lesson at the studios in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other neighboring cities.

While, Kawai has successfully tapped music conservatories and institutions markets with the advanced models. Most of the piano buyers in China are piano teachers and students seeking professional music career. Backed by excellent installation of the Shigeru Kawai and other advanced models into top ranking music conservatories and national theatres, the company expects 30% sales growth in China this year.
Roland digital drums were quite popular among the visitors. The V-Drum sales share one third of Roland total digital products businesses which increased 30% over the last show. The company has been operating V-Drum studios at around 100 locations mainly in coastal area since 3 years ago.

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