Boss TU-3 Tuner

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Roland has refined the TU-2 compact size chromatic tuner and introduced a new pedal-controlled TU-3.

Needle type CENT and beam type STREAM display modes are available. In addition to chromatic tuning, it provides guitar/bass tuning mode including 5 string gears with tuning status shown in numbers of individual strings.

As with the predecessor model, it has power supply for 7 pedals, and an output jack to automatically mute sound when in tuning mode.

To improve visibility on dark stage and for open-air live performance, it has high luminescent 21 LEDs nearly doubled from 11 for the TU-2.

The Acupitch function indicates fine tuning with beaming light running from both ends to the center.

Flat tuning capability is greatly upgraded to cope with 6 half-notes below in guitar mode and 3 half-notes below in bass mode.

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