Global XO Piccolo Trumpets & Bass Trombones

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PX-GBS ¥285,000
The cost-efficient piccolo trumpets promise comfortable playing feeling and stable pitch featuring gold brass long bell, third slide with a trigger, an A mouthpipe, High Bb or A keys, 101mm size bell and Monel metal hand wrapped pistons. Clear lacquered and silver-plated models are available. Global accepts orders for gold-plated model as well. They come with a newly designed cornet shunk mouthpiece. 


RB-L ¥550,000
The two bass trombones were designed in search of most desirable instruments for modern players in every detail from shape of bell, positions and shape of edge bracing to materials.

They employ original double axial flow valve to efficiently support expression of players in every sound level from pianissimo to fortissimo. An adjustable F & Gb lever is provided for quick response even for small hand players.

Yellow brass (L) or gold brass (GB) bell can be selected. They are lacquered and come complete with 3 interlocking type mouthpipes made of brass (standard and longer sizes) and silver, a gold brass main tuning valve, a yellow brass sliding nickel crook, gold-plated parts, and a matched fiber case.

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