Hammond Keyboard Harmonica, E-Acoustic Bass Harmonica & Electronic Keyboard

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It's a refined model of the HAMMOND 44 keyboard harmonica introduced last year with advanced tonal quality. Featuring tapered reeds which are standard to the 44 and PRO-37v2 top model of the Suzuki Melodion, it delivers bright and fat sound.

To obtain much more open sound, it employs a punched out metal cover.

The brilliant tonal color with enhanced mid and treble range is suitable for rock, reggae, ska and other band music when plugged with a pickup microphone.




HAMMOND BB B-24H ¥32,000
The electric-acoustic bass harmonica with built-in microphones for bass and treble ranges has 24 bass keys, and F to e1 tone range. By plugging with equalizer and effect machine, it provides versatile sounds.





HAMMOND Jr. Square HEK-3 ¥68,000
The refined ensemble keyboard has sound of low brass instruments and 100 new effect modes added to the existing 159. They include versatile mimic sounds suitable for kamishibai (storytelling play for kids), operetta, and talk show.

The Custom function allows player to assign desired effect voices to the keys.

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