Yamaha Digital Percussion Pad

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DTX-MULTI 12 ¥90,000
Based on the technology of the Silent Session Drums, Yamaha has introduced the DTX-MULTI 12 digital percussion/drum pads. It's sound engine provides a total of 1,277 instrumental and effect voices including those imported from the top line MOTIF synthesizer as well as reverb, chorus and variation effect modes.

The twelve pads respond to drum sticks, hand and finger tapping plays. Individual pads can be played in mute mode, in stacked style by layering 4 voices assigned to a single pad, and in alternate mode.

Other helpful features include128 performance patterns of various genre, and a 152,000-note sequencer.

The package contains a Cubase A15 DAW software to link with PC via USB so that pitch and rhythm can be controlled by tapping pads.

It has expansion capability with 5 trigger inputs for external pads and an input to control hi-hat.

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