EVANGELION-Fender Strato and Telecaster Fetched 16 mil. Yen

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The Rei-Stratocaster Type-01 and Rei-Telecaster Type-02 built by Fender Custom Shop in collaboration with GAINAX, producer of the Neon Genesis EVANGELION, super popular animation TV program and movie, were auctioned at Yahoo site and sold at 16.84 million yen on Dec. 8. The bidding started from 500 thousand yen. The Strato soared over 3 million yen the first day, and the price continued rising. The Telecaster was sold at 7.761 million yen.

The guitars built by Yuriy Shishkov, Fender master builder, has painted Rei Ayanami, one of the main characters of the EVANGERION, at their body top. Besides the unparalleled quality as electric guitar they finely illustrate the world of animation with the logo and meticulous inlay works. The exceptional auction prices impressed the concerned people unrivalled popularity for the animation. It also suggests that the music products industry has a huge untapped market which can be exploited with clever marketing.

F Toys, toy maker, will start distribution of one eighth size models of the guitars built to order in February. They come in an aluminum case with a Fender original pick and retail for ¥4,725 including consumption tax.







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