Yamaha Saitama Factory to be Consolidated

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Yamaha has recently announced that the company would transfer its Saitama wind instrument factory in Saitama Pref. to Toyooka, Shizuoka Pref. by spring of 2013.

The Saitama factory manufactures French horn, euphonium, tuba and other mid and low brass instruments. The scheduled consolidation is expected to improve production efficiency and competitiveness of Yamaha wind instruments.

Responding to changing world markets, Yamaha plans to further integrate its manufacturing facilities including overseas locations in pursuit of consistent growth of the wind instrument businesses.

All production facilities at Saitama factory will be transferred from early 2010 to 2011. While, redesigning of the production lines to accept the transferred facilities from Saitama factory will begin at Toyooka factory.

All jobs at Saitama factory will be maintained and 170 workers are scheduled to move to Toyooka.

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