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Roland's new corporate theme, 'Better Life with Music' suggests bringing pleasure of music making into life. Hidekazu Tanaka, president, talks about its background.

-- We have worked in the past 38 years under the 3 corporate policies, 1. Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity, 2. Be the Best rather than the Biggest, and 3. The Roland Family-Cooperative Enthusiasm. The Better Life with Music concept is deeply related to the 3 policies. The recent global economic downturn triggered by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers has much affected our business. And the incident gave us an unprecedented opportunity to refocus our future. How better can we serve our customers and the society? What's our social responsibility? The better Life with Music is the answer.

-- Music brings us sophisticated way of life. It doesn't necessary mean a luxury. We know everyone smiles when listening to or playing music. We provide people with musical instruments for their ultimate enjoyment.

-- What kind of musical instruments do they want in their better life? We looked into our product development, and put some products with definite concepts into the market. They include the eBand, an audio player for guitarists, the Lucina, an easy-to-play shoulder-strapped synthesizer, and a series of battery-driven synthesizers and PA amplifiers that expand outdoor applications. Our Energy Saving Technology has enabled these battery-driven products more eco-friendly. The Battery Band performance using these instruments we introduced at the last Frankfurt Music Fair was well accepted. The musicians just brought in the battery-driven instruments on stage, set them up to play, and tore down after the performance. The audience appreciated the idea.

-- The instruments designed with 'Minus-one' concept are also new. The eBand provides guitar session backed with audio data. In the same context, products for pianist, drummer and bassist will follow soon.

-- The instruments matched to the Better Life with Music concept can be with an instantly selectable function. For example, workstation style synthesizer can deliver piano sound with one single button control. They should be easy to grasp the functions without referring to thick owner's manual. Instead, we provide DVD or tutorial book to instruct purchasers how they can enjoy music playing in the packages of the new products.

-- While presenting ready-to-play gears, we are contemplating performing stages, i.e., versatile levels of concert. We organized piano and organ competitions in the past. They will be followed by loop station championship, V-accordion contest, competition for the V-Drums and more.

Planet and Foresta Shop in Shop

-- We are running Planet and Foresta shop in shop in over 100 locations in Japan. They are not a place just presenting the Roland products. We want our customers recognize real value of our instruments. It's a basic philosophy for music products business. Teaming with our dealers, the shop in shop strategy is increasingly enhancing our marketing. Under the Better Life with Music scheme, we present our customers solutions for life enriched with music, applications for music creation and establish reliable relationship with end users through communication to develop upgraded approaches satisfying their requirements.(photo above: Foresta)

-- When we explore the Planet and Foresta in overseas markets, we are most concerned to keep fine harmony with local culture and tastes for music at individual locations. The Foresta will be organized with digital pianos as a main line as we did in Japan. In global age, we believe music products should go more localized. Individual countries have their original music tradition and culture. We think it's critical to present Solutions, Applications and Communication that best suit to individual markets.

Yamaha Music Education Is On The Way in Europe

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Yamaha launched Bläzerklasse, music ensemble instruction system with wind instruments designed for school music teachers, in Germany in 1995. Today, 42,000 secondary school students between 11 years and 13 years old are enrolled in the program. Approximately 900 out of 17,000 secondary schools nationwide have introduced the Bläzerklasse.

For the first 8 years, the project went on without much success. However, the situation changed in 2003 as the system started working as expected and the instructor training program gained recognition among the music teachers. Also school authorities and parents began appreciating the program and excellence of the curriculum. It rapidly expanded in the ensuing 7 years even into neighboring countries. Today, about 50,000 students study under the system in German-spoken lands where 1,800 classes are offered with 1,500 classes in Germany, 150 classes in Austria, 100 classes in the Netherlands and 25 classes in Switzerland.

Tetsuya Maeda, Band & Orchestra Division, Yamaha Music Europe, says, "After 15 years from the launch, we see many schools find effectiveness of the program. To intensify our activities, Band & Orchestra Division is now responsible for the Bläzerklasse project taken over from the Music Education Team in April." They are planning to explore the program into wider areas in Europe this year.

Product marketing in Europe requires specific approaches depending on individual countries. For instance, Yamaha has teamed with French Musical Instrument Manufacturers Association and founded Orchestres á l'Ecole, a project to introduce orchestra music into French elementary schools. Now, the same approach is going on in Italy. 

Tap adult hobby musicians
'Music Lesson for Adults' has grown to a mainstream in the Japanese market these days. Maeda isn't certain at this moment whether it will also appeal to middle-aged and senior citizens in Europe. From the experiences with the competitions that Yamaha staged in the past in Germany, the contestants were largely music students with skills. It looks that there is a limited market for those who enjoy music making as hobby.

Yamaha's music education programs have a proven history that helped grow symphonic music among Japanese schools. With the Bläzerklasse project implemented in Germany and in other European countries, the industry may see increasing number of students grow up with fun experience of wind ensemble in the years ahead.

Stagnant U.S. Sales Affected Roland's 2009 Results

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Roland closed the recent fiscal term with 75,034 million yen total sales that was a 25.3% decline from the previous term. Despite high demands for battery-driven synthesizers,musical instrument amplifiers and digital pianos, the music products business went down 22.7% to 45,486 million yen as the sales of high-ticket lines were stagnant. The computer peripheral business also declined 29.0% to 29,547 million yen.

The company attributed the negative results to significant sales decline in North America and appreciation of the yen that deteriorated business performance of the overseas subsidiaries.

For the next term, Roland expects 81,000 million yen total sales that is an 8% increase, and 49,000 million yen sales for the music products that is a 7.7% gain.

Tom Lee Celebrates 90th Birthday

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On March 23,120 industry guests and friends gathered at the Harbor View Ballroom of Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong to celebrate 90th birthday of Tom Lee, founder of Tom Lee Music, one of the largest music retailers in South East Asia.

He launched Tom Lee Music, manufacturer of piano, harmonica and violin, in 1953 during the caotic time after the World War II and Korean War. People struggled with poverty and devastation. The dealership agreement with Yamaha (then Nippon Gakki) in 1960 turned the company into music retail business. Along with the music store, Tom Lee Music Foundation established in 1978 to promote music and education has played an important role for future success.

Looking back his years in music business, he said, "I have kept my mouth shut about my early days in business so far because I believed it was not right to tell people outside of my family and company what I have done to this day. I felt that my story might mislead them. It's my belief that every success and failure is the devine will. I accepted all faults and misfortune as given things. I feel more so these days. I thank a countless people I have met and helped supported me. More than anything else, I'm very happy to be able to serve the community by means of music. It's my great honor that Montblanc Foundation named me as one of the recipients of the Montblanc Award which celebrates those supporters of young talented artists in 2008.

Yamaha Silent Grand Pianos

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GC1SG ¥1,592,000/A1L-SG ¥1,650,000/C1-SG ¥1,850,000/C2-SG ¥2,050,000/C2CP-SG ¥3,050,000/C3-SG ¥2,400,000/C5-SG ¥2,650,000/C6-SG ¥3,050,000/C7-SG ¥3,550,000/C3XA-SG ¥2,900,000/C6XA-SG ¥3,650,000 (photo: GC1SG)

Yamaha has remodeled all grand pianos with built-in Silent hybrid system featuring new digital sound system in Silent mode for much improved resonance and subtle tonal nuance, instant recording capability, USB connectivity, and 50-title libraries with scores.

The digital sound system sampled with concert grand piano provides greatly advanced piano sounds as well as 10 voices including electric piano, harpsichord and pipe organ.

The Silent hybrid system employs a new mechanism consisted of continuously variable optical gray scale key and hammer sensors. The action system comes with Quick Escapement that provides same play feel as the ordinary acoustic piano in digital mode specifically developed for Silent series pianos.

The C2CP-SG comes in semi-polished American walnut natural-finish cabinet in Chippendale design. The other models come in polished black cabinet.
Further information is available from:

Roland Digital Pianos & Synthesizer

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The refined model of the grand piano type RG-1 digital piano has upgraded play feel and expression capability with help of the latest technology.

The Super Natural Piano Sound System, a combination of 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano voices and state-of-the-art V-Piano technology, delivers authentic piano sounds with continuously variable tonal change and natural decay.

It features PHAIII (Progressive Hammer Action III) Ivory Feel keyboard with escapement, newly designed Progressive Damper Action pedals which recognize half pedal and have realized exact damper effect of grand piano. Delicate decay sounds are provided in response to player's pedal pressure.

The cabinet is finished in chic Satin Black. With only 75kgs weight, it's easy to set up and move.

The compact mini-grand type digital piano in 95cm deep size has been also refined with the latest technology.

It features PHAIII (Progressive Hammer Action III) Ivory Feel keyboard with escapement, newly designed Progressive Damper Action pedals which recognize half pedal, and have realized exact damper effect of grand piano. Delicate decay sounds are provided in response to player's pedal pressure.

The cabinet is finished in upgraded polished black, and has a fall-safe lid in similar design to that of acoustic grand piano.

To enhance practice capabilities, it has such functions as metronome, recording and audio playback as well as rich music libraries. The Piano Designer function allows the user to create original piano sounds.
The most advanced model of the SH series synthesizer has 3 virtual analog synthesizer sound engines, each with an oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelop and LFO, and 5 built-in effects which offer the user with new generation of music production.
Thick sounds layering up to 3 synth sounds are produced with 64-voice polyphony.      

The panel comes in clever designs to be able to grasp sound production as the parameters are logically laid out with knobs and sliders provided for real time control.

In addition to ready-to-use 192 effects, it provides D-beam controller and 64-pattern arpeggiator.

The Phrase Recorder allows the user to memorize several measures of phrases, knob and other settings. 

It has an EXT In port for portable music player to be used for practice and as backing trucks in live performance, USB memory and computer connectivity.

The compact body has 3-octave 37 keys and weighs only 4.2kgs. A matched carrying case, CB-37SY, is sold separately. 

It runs on AC power or 8 AA nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Further information is available from:

Korg iELECTRIBE for Pad

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Korg has started distribution of the iELECTRIBE for Pad, world's first dance music application software developed for the iPad (¥2,300 including consumption tax-at special promotion price of ¥1,200 until June 30) at the AppStore site on April 1.

It allows the iPad user to enjoy dance music with powerful beat instantly in combination of the 4-part percussion synthesizer, authentic 4-part PCM synthesizer and 16-step sequencer controlled on the iPad multi-touch display.

The Motion Sequence function has much improved to produce complicated patterns with replay capabilities of all parameter settings of the knobs per part. Eight powerful effects provide a total of 64 exciting patterns including preset programs.

No Song function is provided, and it's not applicable to iPhone/iPod touch.

Further information is available from:

Korg Synthesizer & Dance Gears

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microSTATION ¥70,000
Measures less than 800mm wide and weighs 2.6kgs, and with a built-in sequencer, it works as a compact workstation to be played and to enjoy music productiton anywhere.

It provides 48kHz-sampled 49MB PCM sounds produced with the EDS-I (Enhanced Definition Synthesis Integrated) sound system inherited from the M3 and M50 workstations, four filters to be used in any combinations, 5 Insert effects. 2 master effects and one total effect. Rich 134 effect voices include delay, reverb, and REMS amp modeling modes.

It offers 512 user programs, 384 user combinations, and GM2-compatible programs and drum kit sounds. It also has 16-track, 210,000 notes professional-level sequencer and versatile capabilities as Template Song, Loop Recording, Grid Sequence, arpeggiator, and Auto Song Setup, to support the user of their music production.
The 61 mini-size natural and sharp keys were redesigned for comfortable play and touch sensitivity capable of responding to fast phrases.

Produced song data and programs can be saved in SD or SDHC card. 

The package contains a microSTATION Editor, and microSTATION Plug-In Editor software to be used as a plug-in instrument for pc-based DAW.

ELECTRIBE MX (EMX-1 Music Production Station) ¥60,000
ELECTRIBE SX (ESX-1 Music Production Sampler) ¥60,000
The ELECTRIBE, a standard dance music gear, has expanded into two models and upgraded with SD card data storage capability and up-to-date patterns. (photos: EMX-1 & ESX-1)

They provides new sounds created by dance and electronic music masters, 3 built-in stereo effects, 4 crisp filters, step-key sequencer, motion sequence function which captures and replays knob controls, and arpeggiator created by the ribbon controller and slider. 

The MX has MMT (Multiple Modeling Technology) modeling sound engine which provides 16 types of sound system. The SX provides powerful editing capabilities to sample and modify sounds real time.
Further information is available from:

In celebration of 50th birthday of the Melodion keyboard harmonica, Suzuki has announced 3 Anniversary-limited models.

PRO-370AS ¥39,800
Finished in Copper Brown, it comes with a trumpet type gold-plated brass mouthpiece and a matched semi hard case.

PRO-37AR/PRO-37AB ¥29,800, respectively
The Shinning Red and Shinning Blue models come with a mouthpiece for the active stage performer and a soft case.

They provide 37 alto keys, and a specifically designed short mouthpiece and an additional mouthpiece for the seated player.

All models come with a serial number.

Suzuki starts accepting orders for these models at the beginning of May and they will be dispatched to the customers at the end of August.

Further information is available from:

Electric-Acoustic Guitars
LJX26CP ¥420,000
CPX1200 ¥140,000
APX1200 ¥140,000
They feature an SRT (Studio Response Technology) pickup and preamp system which provides sounds with the same feelings recorded at studio on live stage. The characteristic sounds are produced by analyzing the sound delivered by the SRT pickup with the piezo sensors set inside the saddle,and the same sound recorded with microphones by studio engineers. The SRT preamplifier gives the pickup the subtle tonal nuances derived from the two sounds. (photo above: STR system control unit)

The analyzed mike-recorded sounds are available in 3 types using two vintage condenser mikes with a large or a small flame paper cone, and a ribbon mike. In addition, Focus and Wide mike setups and, Blend and Resonance knobs are provided for advanced sound creation.

The A.F.R (Auto Feedback Reduction) system detects and cancels frequencies that can generate feedback automatically.       

The LJX26CP has a medium size jumbo body with cutaway silhouette. The CPX1200 and APX1200 are advanced models of the CPX/APX line in either deep or thin body.
They have one-piece top,back and sides made of selected wood materials. The LJX26CP features the wood materials processed with A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) technology for improved sound vibration,well projected mid and bass tones, high attack for treble notes, quicker decay and seasoned warm sounds.(photos avove: LJX26 CPN, CPX1200 BS, APX1200 TBL & FSX730 SC) 

The LJX26CP is finished in Natural. The CPX1200 comes in Vintage Sunburst or Translucent Black finish,and the APX1200 is finished either in Natural or Translucent Black.

FSX730SC ¥59,000 
This electric-acoustic guitar features the body of the FS series much favored by female guitarists and finger picking players for the slim size,and the ART pickup SYSTEM 56,one-way system,AMF controls,a 3-band equalizer and an automatic chromatic tuner. The finishes of Natural,Black Sunburst and Black are available.

PACIFICA212VFM/PACIFICA212VQM ¥42,000, respectively
The sister models to the cost-effective PACIFICA112V feature alder body with framed maple top (VFM) or quilted maple top(VQM), bolt-on maple neck,22-fret fingerboard,and two alnico V single coil and one humbucking pickups. The finishes of Caramel Brown,Translucent Black and Tobacco Brown Sunburst are available.(photos right: PACIFICA212VFM TBL & 212VQM TBS)

BB424 4-string bass ¥58,000
BB425 5-string bass ¥65,000
These basses for entry-level player succeed a concept of BB2024/2025 new generation rock basses with alder body in 45 degree string through body design, 5-piece maple and nato neck, 21-fret rosewood fingerboard, two split single coil and one bar type single coil pickups. They are provided in color variations of Red Metallic, Tobacco Brown Sunburst,Vintage White and Black.

TRB1004J 4-string bass ¥110,000
TRB1006J 6-string bass ¥140,000
Designed after the TRB1005J,they have refined 5-piece neck and body lacquering and 35" (889mm) super long scale for much improved tonal quality.
They feature maple and alder body,bolt-on 5-piece maple and nato neck, 24-fret rosewood fingerboard,and two alnico V YLB-A5ZCII pickups. Color finishes of Caramel Brown,Natural, Translucent Black and Black are available.(photos above: BB424 BW, BB425 TBS, TRB1004J NT & TRB1006J CMB)

Further information is available from:

Boss Digital Recorder

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The digital multi track recorder can meet the requirements of all levels of music production from song writing,sound recording to mixing and mastering with built-in high quality Boss effects and rhythms.

It provides 4-track simultaneous recording/8-track simultaneous playback capabilities with 64 virtual tracks. The new EZ Recording function helps entry-level user to enjoy sound recording simply by selecting favorite music genre and recording source as the BR-800 automatically designates matched effects and rhythm.

It provides Insert Effects,Loop Effects,equalizer to the individual tracks and mastering effects including COSM-based distortion and amp modeling effects derived from the GT-10/10B for guitar and bass,and vocal effects.

Other features include Song Sketch function, Loop Recording function which produces backing tracks by looping recorded phrases and patterns automatically,and Re-try function for repeated recording. The separate rhythm tracks are available for production of original rhythm patterns.

It works as a USB audio interface and DAW control surface. The package contains a DVD-ROM that offers a host of audio loops for guitar, and SONAR 8.5LE DAW software.

The stylish black and silver exterior has a flat touch-sensor panel. It runs on AC power (with the included AC adapter), 6 AA batteries and USB power.

Further information is available from:

Roland Digital Recorder, Mike, etc.

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It's an attractively priced model designed after the R-09HR featuring high quality design concepts, easiness of use with all capabilities of the upper model and extended battery life.
It supports 24bit/96kHz linear PCM recording with a built-in omni-directional microphone designed with ICA (Isolated Capsule Architecture) technology and the IARC (Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit) analog circuit,for sound recording with excellent projection and presence.

It provides Rehearsal function which automatically adjusts mike sensitivity and input level to best conditions, a limiter for surge protection, and Pre Recording function which allows user to capture 2 seconds of audio that precedes pressing the recording button.

More than 16 hours of recording/30 hours of playback is offered in operation on two AAA alkaline batteries. It supports 32GB SDHC card for long hours recording.

Every operation is shown in Japanese.

CS-10EM ¥9,400
The in-ear stereo condenser microphone provides binaural recording and monitoring through head phone. Stereo-recorded sound is usually designed to be listened through speaker. It can cause improper sound localization and exhaustion to user when listened through headphone for long hours. The Binaural recording allows user to enjoy exciting sound with presence not realized by conventional stereo recording.

It's a good companion to the R-05 or the R-09HR for field recording. The plug-in power microphone unit works simply by plugging with the recorder unit.

P-R05C for R-05 ¥4,700
It's a set of a cover case and a wind screen specially designed for the R-05. The cover case protects the recorder from tough conditions in field recording and reduces vibration from the setup place. The wind screen efficiently reduces blow noise.


O-R05S for R-05
Made of silicon rubber,the pouch successfully reduces noise in handling and from setup place. The coated surface is dust-free.



It's a refined model to the CD-2e developed in response to the requests from the user. The new self-contained SD/CD recorder provides recording,playback and CD production in simple control.

The built-in CD-R/RW drive provides direct recording to CD and playback of audio CD. Supporting 16GB SD card, it allows user to record audio data selected from SD card into CD without computer. 

High quality recording and playback are provided with the built-in professional level stereo microphone and stereo speakers without any external devices.

Other features include user-friendly Easy Guide function, Rehearsal function to set the most appropriate input level for recording automatically, a remote control capability, A-B repeat, center cancel playback function, and a metronome function.

Key and pitch can be controlled by half-note and 1 cent step. New Tape Mode is provided to control playback speed and pitch at the same time which serves the needs in language study.

The external mike input supports phantom power for use of condenser mike,and analog record player can be plugged with line/phono input jack.

It's operated on AC power, 6 AA alkaline and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Further information is available from:

Roland has recently announced that it integrates marketing of the audio recorders and distributes the products under Roland brand which were formerly sold under EDIROL by Roland brand.

Consequently, the R-09HR is now distributed in the market packaged with an exclusive cover case.

Further information is available from:

Korg Digital Recorder

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MR-2 ¥72,000
The second model to the MR mobile recorder supports multi-format playback and recording including SACD ultra-high DSD@2.8224MHz; quality 1-bit multi-bit PCM formats up to 24-bit@192kHz. (DSDIFF/WSD/DSF/WAV[BWF]/MP3/MP2)

The built-in high-performance X-Y configuration stereo electret condenser microphone which is capable of rotating 210 degrees allows 8-level settings in 30 degrees at front,upper and rear directions. Two screw mounts are provided on two surfaces to mount to a conventional camera tripod for flexible placement.

In addition to analog limiter, low-cut filter and bass equalizer,it provides 40 types of recording setups including mic sensitivity and input level controls for wide applications from music ensemble, solo vocal, piano performance to field recording. Ten user-original setups can be memorized.

Other features include direct recording capability to SD/SDHC card, USB2.0  connectivity to computer, and a chromatic tuner.

It works on two AA nickel-metal hydride batteries and USB bus power.         

Further information is available from:

Edirol Multi Format Live Video Switcher

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It supports a huge variety of system design and creative production options for live or fixed installation applications.

It provides connectivity to HD/SD-SDI, DVI-D/HDMI, RGB, Component, S-video, and composite formats as well as still images assignable via USB memory.

The key features include a large LCD, panel memory function to recall complicated settings instantly,broad applications of multi-screen output options, output of recording and performance images in different formats, spread screen output combining two screens, all effectively serving for live event, corporate, and educational applications.

Further information is available from:

Korg Tuners & Metronomes

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Wi-Tune WR-01 ¥12,000
Wi-Tune WR-01S ¥15,000

These wireless chromatic tuners are capable of receiving signals from the transmitter attached to the instrument without cables.

They feature increased flexibility in tuning in any situation, easiness and accuracy. The signal is coded to ID on the tuner unit so that it's tunable without interference. Tuning can be done by detecting vibration not only of the instrument itself but also of strap to which the tuner is attached.

They have a large backlit LCD easily visible on dark stage and at a distance. Having a built-in microphone, they allow tuning without the transmitter. Sound Out mode provides reference tone from the internal speaker for tuning by ear. Markings offer pure major third and minor third intervals for excellent ensemble harmonies.

The tuner and the transmitter units run on two AAA batteries,and a lithium battery, respectively.


The WR-01 contains regular and small clips. The WR01S contains a matched strap for saxophone and clarinet.



This compact clip-on type metronome indicates the tempo in two types of sound volume level and blink for visional and ear rhythm training.

Tempo and beat pattern settings are memorized even when power is shut down for instant recalling.

It works about 300 hours on a coin-type lithium battery. The exterior is finished either in Red or Blue.


TM-40PW ¥3,800
A new Pearl White model joined the TM-40 tuner metronome line. The TM-40 has a large LCD type needle which provides both accuracy of an LCD and superior visibility of needle indicator.

The tuner function has a detection range of C1-C8, 410Hz-480Hz calibration capability,and markings of pure major third and minor third intervals. The LED indicators show pitch deviation or blink to indicate the tempo. The metronome function provides 13 rhythm variations.

Further information is available from:

Yamaha Cleaning Cloths

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Silver Cloth2 & Metal Cloth2 M-290mm by 340mm ¥850, L-380mm by 580mm ¥1,250, respectively
Polishing Gauze2 S ¥450, L ¥ 650
Yamaha has refined its silver, metal and polishing cloths. Using new materials, they have greatly improved cleaning capability.

The light green Silver Cloth2 for silver and silver-plated musical instruments and yellow Metal Cloth2 for nickel-plated and non-lacquered musical instruments are made of micro fiber for increased cleaning ability and lustrous finish. 
The germ-free Polishing Gauze2 has enhanced durability using dense cloth. Two types of package provide two 280mm by 280mm cloths or three 300mm by 1,000mm cloths.

Further information is available from:

Suzuki Harmonica Holder

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SHH-10R ¥2,000
Designed for easy setup at multiple points and angles with the screws, it supports 10-hole harmonica securely and safely with rubber at both


Further information is available from:


Kawai Expects Sales and Profits Increase

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Kawai announced on May 6 that its total sales for its recent fiscal term from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 would increase 1,000 million yen to 56,000 million yen that is 1.8% more than the previous prospect which was released on February 9. The net profit would be 1,300 million yen, a 62.5% increase.

The company explained that favorable music business as well as additional orders for materials processing and information-related business groups contributed to the sales growth.   

2010 Annual Results

On May 11, the company disclosed the 2010 annual results. The total sales were 56,057 million yen, a 9% decrease from the previous term. The operating income for the musical instrument increased 38.5% to 270 million yen. The net profit was 1,319 million yen, a 68.2% increase.

The domestic and overseas sales declined 5.0% and 18.7%, respectively. The domestic piano sales went down 8.8% to 3,948 million yen and the overseas piano sales decreased 17.6% to 10,852 million yen.