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Yamaha Digital Piano

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The latest addition to the ARIUS digital piano line is the top model featuring AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling sound engine, simple functions, easy-to-follow LED panel, USB connectivity and two 16cm large frame speakers for improved sounds.

The on-board Pure CF Voice provides colorfufl and natural piano sounds with delicate expression of the key touch and fidelity to original sound source. The 128-note polyphonic capability allows the player to enjoy seamless performance with heavy pedal play. 

The GH (Graded Hammer) keyboard action offers a comparable key touch on a traditional grand piano on all tone ranges. 

Other features include 14 instrumental voices, 2-track recording capability, 3 pedals including damper pedal that supports half pedaling, 14 demo and 50 piano music.

The New Dark Rosewood Type cabinet comes with sturdy legs and lyre for increased stability during performance.

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Kawai Upright and Digital Pianos

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AL-77 ¥855,238 (photo)
AL-55 ¥664,762
AL-33 ¥569,524
Kawai has introduced the three upright pianos featuring advanced exterior design and upgraded sound in celebration of 30th anniversary of its Ryuyo factory.

The AL-77 features spruce soundboard known for extra sturdiness and light weight made by Ciresa, Italy and Royal George hammer felt. The AL-55 comes with the same Italian soundboard. The AL-33 has Fine Ivory white keys and Fine Ebony black keys with under felt for the hammers.

The AL-77 and AL-55 come with Chippendale legs, a bench in matched design, and gold pedal guard to give them fine cosmetic appearance. The AL-77 has a grand piano type top cover and a large flowing design music rack.


CN33 ¥159,000 (photo)
CN23 ¥115,000
The CN series digital pianos are expanded with the new CN33 which features upgraded functions and design, and CN23 remodelled from the CN22.

They feature new ivory-type Responsive Hammer Keyboard Action, Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound system in addition to 88-key stereo sampled piano voices, recording capability, metronome function, and the CN33 is equipped with let-off feel function.

They provide 36 and 15 instrumental voices, respectively, and two types of cabinet in Premium Black Satin Type and Premium Cherry Type are available.

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Korg Hybrid Piano System

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KS-320 ¥170,000
The latest model of the hybrid piano system for upright piano provides piano voices stereo sampled at 4 points of key stroke to express subtle tonal nuance delivered by key touch intensity.

The Korg's exclusive no-contact optical sensors detect delicate key touch of pianists. It supports half pedaling.

It also provides 3 individual types of reverb and brilliance effect modes, 8 instrumental voices including organ, electric piano, harpsichord and strings, two-track recorder, 10 demo music, metronome function, 2 headphone jacks, audio output, MIDI ports and USB connectivity.

Installation service is provided by authorized Korg technicians.

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ESP Electric Guitar

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A signature model of ANCHANG of Sex Machineguns joined the ANCHANG-STAR series electric guitars. It features "KAMIKAZE" graphics on body top known with the guitar of George Lynch, ANCHANG's respecting player.

Based on the ANCHANG-STAR series, it features hard maple body, 3-piece hard maple bolt-on neck, ebony fingerboard with Skull & Swords inlays taken after George Lynch Skulls & Snakes signature model, Seymour Duncan SH-12 Screamin' Demon and SH-8n Invader pickups, Floyd Rose bridge and Sperzel Trim-Lock pegs. A hard case is standard.

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Aria Pro II Electric Guitars

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PE-Jail Rock ¥295,000 (photo left)
PE-Jail Roll ¥265,000 (photo right)

The latest signature models of Jail Ohashi of The End of the Century are now available from Aria Pro II.

The PE-Jail Rock with characteristic paintings on Pearl White body features maple flat top, mahogany back, black parts and Floyd Rose type tremolo system. The PE-Jail Roll with silver paintings on Candy Apple Red body features all-mahogany arched top, chrome parts and original bridge and tail piece.

They come with maple set neck in heal-less cutaway design, 22 frets rosewood fingerboard, Seymour Duncan SH-1n and TB-4 pickups, GOTOH pegs, CTS pots, Switch Craft jacks and a matched Japanese-made hard case.

All purchasers of these guitars are invited to Jail Ohashi special event slated in spring, 2011. In addition, an A2-size poster, 2 original photographs of Ohashi, and certificate are provided for each purchase. The first 24 units of them come with a special A2-size poster with his signature.

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RSS by Roland Mixer & Audio Converter

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M-300 ¥450,000
A compact sister model with 32 input channels joined the M-400 and M-380 mixing consoles. Plugging with a separately sold digital snake through LAN cable, it allows the user to set up professional quality digital sound system without noise and tonal degrade with a distance.

The 11 on-board effects include the software version SDD-320 analog chorus and parametric equalizer.

Mixer settings can be memorized in the internal memory and USB memory.

It has realized 30% lighter structure than the M-380 packaging all functions required for mixing works at live stage, hall, event venue and TV broadcasting in one single unit.

It offers bi-directional format conversion between REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) and MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) devices to set up prime level digital sound system. 
It provides BNC and optical MADI ports, and supports REAC Embedded Power and Split out for connecting and power M-48 Personal Mixer and other additional devices. REAC, MADI and word clock inputs are offered.

A connected Digital Snake can be controlled with the S-4000R remote controller and S-4000RCS remote control software.

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Yamaha Tuner & Band Director Accessories

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TDW-120 ¥12,000
It's a wireless tuner capable of receiving signals from the transmiter attached to the instrument without cables. A microphone is built-in for tuning without the transmitter.

It detects A0-C8 tones, and features a large distinctly visible backlit LCD, needle-tuned Auto and sound-emitting Manual tuning modes, C4-C5 reference tones by 1-octave step, and A4=410Hz-480Hz calibration range. Markings offer pure major 3rd and minor 3rd intervals.

The tuner and the transmitter units run on two AAA batteries,and a lithium battery, respectively. One individual regular and small size clips are provided.

BD-F50 Band director music stand ¥120,000
BD-C40 Band director chair ¥95,000
BD-D30 Band director podium ¥80,000
Specially designed for band director they can be used in various occasions.

The BD-F50 provides a large 700mm by 510mm music rack and a cylinder type height adjuster to be set from 710 mm to 1,010 mm height by a simple control with foot. The music rack allows the user to select desired angle in 4 steps between 10 and 30 degrees. It weighs 30kgs.

The BD-C40 sturdy chair equipped with a five-star base comes with a back rest to be tilted 30mm forward or backward. The 480mm by 420mm seat is tilted 3? most suitable for conducting, and designed to automatically return to front position after use.

Height is adjustable between 660mm and 860mm. It weighs 21kgs.

The BD-D30 podium has red-carpeted top that is impressive on stage. It makes a good companion with the BD series chair and music stand. Measured 1,000mm by 1,000mm by 225mm, it comes with casters, and a safe guard at the back. It weighs 27kgs.

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