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Yamaha Electronic Keyboards

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piaggero NP-31/NP-31S/NP-11
Yamaha has expanded the piaggero slim and compact electronic keyboard line with 76-key NP-31 in black body, NP-31S in silver body, and 61-key NP11. 
They have high quality piano voices sampled with concert grand piano, stereo amp speakers and keyboard action with touch sensitivity in compact bodies of 5.7 kilo grams (NP-31 and NP-31S) and 4.5 kilo grams (NP-11) weight, respectively.

They also feature acoustic piano type box style keyboard, and the NP-31 and NP-31S come with Grade Soft Touch keyboard action that provides different key touch by tone ranges.

They offer 10 instrumental voices which allow the player to select desired voice by one single touch control.

Operating on AC power and 6 AA batteries, automatic power off function with 30 minutes timer is provided.

Matched stand and pedal are sold separately. FC3 pedal (¥5,000 retail)is compatible to half pedal.

Portatone PSR-E333 (photo bottom) & PSR-E233
The refined Portatones feature much improved sounds and practice capability. They provide 497 and 385 voices, respectively, Ultra Wide Stereo effect that delivers increasingly dynamic sounds and upgraded practice modes including single and two hands lessons on 102 built-in songs, Reference Performance and Free Tempo Play that accompaniment patterns follow melody in play.

The E333 has a USB TO HOST port and onboard 1.7MB flash memory for adding songs and recording performance.

They work on AC power and 6 AA batteries, and Auto Power Off mode with adjustable timer is provided.

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Kawai Upright & Digital Pianos

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LD-77 ¥855,238 (photo left)
LD-55 ¥664,762
LD-33 ¥569,524
LD-22MF ¥474,286
LD-22DW ¥474,286
The new LD (Luxury Design) Series upright pianos feature upgraded tonal quality and sophisticated cabinet. The 125cm LD-77 and LD-55 have Chippendale legs and   custom voicing is carried using Kawai hammers with under felt which are meticulously done by seasoned technicians for rich expression from delicate pianissimo to powerful fortissimo. They come with Italian Ciresa soundboard using light-weight and firm spruce with a certificate of origin.

The 122cm LD-33 is equipped with Kawai hammers with under felt, and 114cm LD-22MF & DW come with Kawai hammers. The LD-33 and LD22DW with straight legs (Chippendale legs for the LD-22MF) have silver metal parts and black felt for some hammers for modern appearance.

Ultra Responsive Action II keyboard employed in the K series and highly acclaimed for excellent repeated notes, reliability and durability, Fine Ivory natural keys and Fine Ebony sharp keys are standard to all models except for LD-22MF and DW which come with acrylic natural and phenol sharp keys.

LD-77, LD-55 and LD-33 come in high luster black cabinet. LD-22MF and LD-22DW are finished in high luster mahogany and semi-luster dark walnut, respectively.

CA93C ¥340,000
A new variation model in Premium Cherry type cabinet joined the Concert Artist CA93 line digital piano featuring authentic grand piano-like key touch.

As with the sister model in Premium Black Satin type cabinet, it features new RM3 Grand wooden keyboard action with Ivory Touch high moisture absorption natural keys, newly designed hammers and hammer weight that have 40% greater repeated notes than conventional models, and let-off feel function.

Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging (UPHI) stereo sampling technology reproduces natural and authentic piano sounds. Soundboard speakers deliver expansive  sounds in large volume.

It supports USB memory for session play along with audio data or recording performance in MP3/WAV format.

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Korg Digital Piano

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An additional model finished in red joined the SP-170S digital piano line.

As it is with the black and white models, it provides 10 voices including meticulously sampled concert grand piano, new NH (Natural-weighted Hammer) action, reverb and chorus effects.

Knobs and buttons are laid out on the display panel for easy control of voice and sound volume level.

New speaker system is employed to deliver spacious sound that is remarkable at this compact body.

A matched stand is sold separately.

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Hammond Stage Keyboards

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61-key single keyboard and 61-key dual keyboard stage models featuring rich organ voices including legendary Hammond organ voices, and extra voices containing piano and synthesizer are now available from Hammond.

They provide 3 types of Hammond's exclusive virtual tone wheel organ voices, 2 types of combo organ voices using transistor circuit and one pipe organ voice to serve wide applications from live stage to worship services.

Organists can enjoy traditional sound making using 9 9-step draw bars. Crisp percussion voices as well as vibrato simulating scanner vibrato, and chorus effects are also provided.

Leslie speakers, crucial to Hammond sounds come with Stop and Fast control switches to produce authentic Leslie sounds. Since they simulate Leslie effect with two types of rotor, the legendary Leslie sound is reproduced with external speaker system as well.
Pro Chord Function allows the player to enjoy massive wind ensemble simply by selecting chord and playing melody. Some part of the music library is designed to add or delete voices flexibly.

Other features include multi-effects including over drive, tremolo, auto-pan, ring modulator, phaser, flanger, delay, reverb and 3-band EQ, patch capability to store 100 settings, Favorite function to recall 10 patches with a single key touch.

The built-in music player is helpful for one-man band performance or practice playing back WAV/MP3 audio files saved in USB flash memory.

The SK-2 provides unison performance capability of the PEDAL and LOWER parts. Optional CU-1 Leslie switch allows the player to control Leslie effects just like the vintage Hammond models.

They weigh 7 kilo grams and 16 kilo grams, respectively, to be carried around easily to studio and live venue.

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Yamaha Trumpet

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YTR-9335VS Allen Vizzutti Limited Model ¥390,000
Born as a successful collaboration of Vizzutti, Bob Malone in Yamaha Atelier LA and Yamaha engineering staff that can express distinguished musicality of the virtuoso, it features attributes of the Zeno New York model much appreciated not only by classical players but also jazz artists.

The Bb trumpet has 123mm one-piece side-seamed yellow brass bell with French bead for open sound, excellent response and better sound monitoring capability for the player, medium large bore, pistons in unique combination of silver-plated brass stems and resin valve guides. It's easy to play smooth, distinctive sounds in fast passages.

The piston buttons come finished with beautiful natural black mother of pearl shell.

Besides the silver-plated YTR-9335VS, Yamaha offers gold-plated YTR-9335VGP (¥620,000 retail).

Accessories include TR-VIZZUTTI-GP mouthpiece and TRC-9335V II case.

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Yamaha Violin

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YVN500S (Artida) ¥1,600,000
Yamaha has upgraded Artida high quality acoustic violin which was first introduced in August 2004 after an extensive study of violins built by Italian master craftsmen, Guarneri del Jess and Stradivarius, and unveiled a highest model, YVN500S.

Designed with violinists of amateur orchestra, music students and professionals in mind, it uses spruce top, maple back and sides processed with Yamaha's exclusive A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) technology, to improve tonal quality of wood. Combined more than 100 years of woodworking craftsmanship with advanced high precision modeling based on 3-dimentional CAD and Finite Element Method, Yamaha has completed an instrument that can meet diversified demands of violinist.  

The body comes in seasoned antique finish with weathered vintage effect on lacquering, wood grain and secular change of edge to make it look truly valuable and attractive instrument.

It has much improved acoustical characteristics by radiating special nano meter ultra-violet-ray on the lacquered surface to change molecular structure of the varnish.

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Suzuki Harmonicas

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 MANJI 7-piece set of M-20 ¥25,000
10HC-8 Case for 8 ten-hole harmonicas ¥3,000
A set of seven popular 10-hole harmonicas in 7 major keys of C, A, D, G, E, F and Bb named after Manji Suzuki, founder and president of the manufacturer and a newly designed shoulder pouch is now available.

The shoulder pouch provides 8 pockets to accommodate 8 harmonicas, and a shoulder strap to be used on stage as a helpful harmonica holder case. It's also sold separately.

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Yamaha Acoustic and Digital Drums

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CLUB CUSTOM (photos: Swairl Blue and Dark Wood)
Bass drums, from ¥95,000 to ¥114,000
CCB2415R 24″ x 15″
CCB2215/2215R 22″ x 15″
CCB2015/2015R 20″ x 15″
CCB1815 18″ x 15″
Floor toms, from ¥54,000 to ¥64,000
CCF1816 18″ x 16″
CCF1615 16″ x 15″
CCF1413 14″ x 13″
Tom Toms, from ¥36,000 to ¥44,000
CCT1309 13″ x 9″
CCT1208 12″ x 8″
CCT1007 10″ x 7″
CCT0807 8″ x 7″
Snare Drum CCCS1455 14″ x 5.5″ ¥48,000
All models use Kapur for the shell which is the same material employed for the PHX Series flagship drums for warm, full and expressive sound of natural wood.

To deriving maximum tonal resonance of Kapur, the shells are finished with new hand lacquered technology, Swirl Finish. They have beautiful swirling look of vintage drums without top cover. A sedate Mat Wood Finish model is built to order.

The shells are mounted on a special Y.E.S.S. mount system and come complete with 1.6mm steel triple flange hoops and small lugs to achieve best tonal characteristics of Kapur and appearance.

The floor toms are designed in matched depths to generate most impressive decay. The bass drums in 15″ depth provide massive tonal volume to carry over the sound of band, and fine response that can meet demands of serious artists. The bass drums marked ″R″ at the end of the model numbers are R Version models without a tom holder base for more open sound.        

Finishing colors include Swirl Blue, Swirl Black and Swirl Orange for the Swirl Finish models, and Dark Wood and Black Wood for the Mat Wood Finish models.

DTX Drums
DTX750K ¥310,000 (photo top. Foot pedal is sold separately.)
DTX700K ¥216,000 (photo bottom. Foot pedal is sold separately.)
They are cost-efficient models featuring DTX-PADs which are standard to the DTX950K and DTX900K flagship models of the DTX drum line for toms and snare drum, and newly designed drum trigger module. The DTX-PAD directly transmits drummers feeling and sticks response to the Textured Cellular Silicon Head.

The DTX750K has XP80 3-zone pads for all toms for real drum sounds, 3 cymbals with 3-zone pads and vertically moving hi-hat pads. Boom type cymbal holders and ball type tom clamps allow the drummer to set up his original system.

The DTX700K is equipped with compact XP70 pads for the tom, 2 cymbals with 3-zone pads and vertically moving hi-hat pads. It can be set up at small 1,100 mm by 1,000 mm space.
The new DTX700 drum trigger module provides 1,396 voices including percussion and digital effects sounds, 60 drumkit voices including 50 pre-programmed voices, USB data save capability, 44 practice songs in diversified styles, high precision metronome, Groove Check function to tell the drummer correct striking timing on the pads, and Rhythm Gate function to deliver sounds responding only to correct shots.  

They also provide Real Time Recording function for self-evaluation of performance, and an AUX In port for session play with audio data provided by music player, Stuck function to assign up to 4 voices to individual pads, and Alternate function to deliver alternate voice by each strike.

They have PC/Mac connectivity with a separately sold USB cable to expand to high quality DAW with help of Steinberg Cubase AI DAW software contained in the package. The DTX700 can control Cubase AI by downloading DTX700Extension. 

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ESP Electric Guitars

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Eternal Descent Collaboration Guitars
SIRIAN EC/Loki FX/Lyra F ¥145,000 each
   (photos from l. to r.)
ESP starts distribution of the 3 guitars which were showcased during the Frankfurt Music Fair in April. Joint-developed with Liexi Leon, a guitarist and the author of fantasy comic, Eternal Descent, the guitars feature 3 original characters of the comic finished in blue, red, and purple matched to the individual image. Fifty units per model are distributed in the world market.

The Sirian EC features traditional single cutaway design and two DiMarzio Air Norton and Norton pickups. The Loki FX comes with an edgy FX shape body and two DiMarzio Liquifire and Crunch Lab pickups. The Lyra F has the same body shape as   the Forest, and two DiMarzio Air Zone and Tone Zone pickups.  

They feature mahogany body, hard maple neck and ebony fingerboard. Meticulous graphic patterns on the body elaborately express the grand story of the comic.

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Korg Tuner

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 pitchclip ¥1,900
The latest cost-efficient model to the Korg clip-on tuner line features high precision tuning capability and excellent visibility. Attach the clip to the headstock, the built-in piezo pickup detects instrument vibration and displays pitch level with a needle meter. The sharp body comes with smooth surface easily accommodated in guitar case pocket.

The level meter display utilizing LED lights provides wide angle adjustment to 120? at the maximum. The Reverse function displays level meter upside down, and allows the user to attach the clip both to front and rear of the headstock. It also serves the needs of lefties.

The rubber clip comes in a new design to fit headstock of various shapes from ukulele to classical guitar.

It operates for 17 hours with a single coin-type lithium battery. Auto Power Off function is built in to automatically shut power when it doesn't detect sound for 10 minutes.

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