Korg Percussion Synthesizer

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WAVEDRUM Mini ¥27,000
WAVEDRUM Mini in compact form is the latest addition to WAVEDRUM percussion synthesizer. First introduced in 2009 the WAVEDRUM with built-in versatile percussion and drum voices as well as synthesizer and characteristic sounds has won high reputation from percussionists throughout the world.

With 100 built-in sound variations including authentic percussion, drum, synth, SFX sounds, bass, tuned percussion and string voices, it allows the player to play even melody.

A new sensor clip is provided which turns nearly everything into percussion instrument simply by attaching it to an object. By assigning different voices to the pad and the clip, it delivers 2 sounds simultaneously. The sound dramatically changes by object that the clip is attached.

The pad responds to tapping intensity and position with palm top such as open and slap shots.

Other features include Looper function which allows the player to record performance for 25 seconds, 10 multi-effects from spacious to warm analog-style distortion and 100 factory preset rhythm patterns of versatile music genre to be used as backing patterns in session play.  

It works on AC power and 6 Ni-MH batteries, and is suitable for street performance and outdoor applications with a built-in speaker.

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