Roland Digital Recorder and Video Converter

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R-1000 ¥380,000
REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) technology-based 48-track recorder/player designed to work with the V-Mixing System or other REAC products offers high-quality sound recording in much stable operation. PC-connected DAW is main stream of today's multi-track recording, however, total reliability of the system much depends on PC in use. The R-1000 is the solution to the needs for simple and reliable recording.

Employing intuitive touch panel control, it provides an exclusive cartridge type 500GB hard disk for storing recorded data for 20-hour simultaneous recording on 48 tracks. The removable cartridge can be connected with PC via USB interface that offers the user with much improved recording environment without copying massive data.

VC-3DHD ¥185,000
The multi-input video converter and encoding device is capable of accepting HDMI, Component, composite, S-Video and analog/digital audio via RCA, XLR, and AES-EBU.

The dual output configuration allows it to archiving and wirestreaming together by linking it with PC through USB and Blu-ray disk record through iLINK. By connecting the VC-3DHD with 2 PCs, it provides two-output live streaming.

Its wide applications include medical and institutional purposes enabling high definition recording to inexpensive Blu-ray disk.

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