Yamaha iOS Applications

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Yamaha has introduced 8 iOS applications designed for Core-MIDI-compatible musical instruments concurrently with launch of i-MX1 MIDI interface.
Free application Faders has 4 faders to control tonal volume and modulation. Two MIDI control change signals can be assigned to the individual faders, and 50 programs are registered as templates. (photos: from l. to r., Faders, Faders & XY Pad and Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad)
Faders & XY Pad with 8 faders and an XY pad provides characteristic tonal change controlling multiple faders at the same time with the multi-touch function of the iPad.
Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad offers rich phrases using drums, keyboard, guitar and other instruments with one single finger control.
Voice Editor Essential iPad app. exclusively designed for the Yamaha synthesizers allows the user to edit sounds of the MOTIF XF, XS, RACK  XS, and MOX S90XS and 70XS. Multi Editor Essential provides mixing capability of the songs and patterns for the aforementioned Yamaha synthesizers on iPad.(photos: Voice Editor Essential, left, and Multi Editor Essential)
Performance Editor Essential is another exclusive app. for the aforementioned Yamaha synthesizers except MOTIF-RACK XS enabling the user to edit voice combinations for live performance. (photos: Performance Editor Essential, left, and Set List Organizer)
Set List Organizer displays and edits sequence of music in live performance. Voice change can be done easily on iPad by plugging a MIDI instrument with i-MX1.
TNR-i is a TENORI-ON software providing intuitive performance and song writing functions controlling 256 buttons on the display. Four TNR-i and TNR-W/TNR-O users can enjoy jam session on network (Updating is required for TNR-W/TNR-O). (photo right, TNR-i)

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