2011 Good Design Long Life Design Award to Boss Effect Pedals

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Japan Institute of Design Promotion announced Boss Compact Series effect pedals for the 2011 Good Design Long Life Design Award on November 9. The Award celebrates product design used and supported for over 10 years.

Since the debut of OD-1 Over Drive in 1977, Boss Compact Series effect pedals have been designed with high quality professional features including seamless sound, FET digital switch, sturdy aluminum-dicast chassis, 2-step fail-safe pedal switch, LED power switch, easy replacement of batteries, 2-way battery/AC power operation, etc.

Boss marked 35 years in the market last year, and 12 million units of Compact Series effect pedals have been distributed so far. There are 40 models available today.

Roland V-Drums Friend Jam social tool which provides global level communication among the V-Drums owners on the Internet has won 2011 Good Design Award.

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