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Industry Close-up: Casio Redefines Digital Pianos

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Casio has remodeled Celviano and Privia digital pianos 3 years after the last upgrade, and started distribution of the models in domestic and overseas markets in August.

Takaki Maeda, General Manager of EMI Marketing Department, Global Marketing Headquarters says, "They have greatly upgraded from new sound generators, functions to natural and sharp keys using ivory or ebony type materials. We are pleased very much that the advanced features and sound of these models have won praises from music stores and consumers. Our distribution network is expanding as more dealers have come to get interested in our digital piano lines after we introduced XW Series synthesizers this past spring. They are new customers to us." (photos: Celviano AP-450BK, top, and Privia PX-750BK, bottom)

The two lines feature almost the same sound engines and keyboard action . While Celvianos are complete models with built-in high-powered speakers, Privias come in compact structure and cabinet design characterized by stylish front panel.

The new Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR sound generator creates perfectly resonant sound with subtle nuance of tonal color generated by key touch intensity, and vibration of individual strings. The heart of the technology is resonance simulator applied to 88 individual keys.

Casio-顔-9.24.jpgHiroshi Iwase, Section Manager, Product Development Department-4, Consumer Product Unit says, "Almost all digital pianos including ours now available in the market are designed to add sound resonance to entire tone range at the final stage of voicing. The new sound engine simulates resonance level of 88 individual keys, and precisely adds resonance to every note and pedalling. PCM-sampled piano tone is a mainstream of the digital pianos in the market. We had long felt that we couldn't expect further technical advancement just reproducing sampled sound. Adding the reverberating effect of piano strings was the result of our search for ultimate piano sound." (photo: Takaki Maeda, left, and Hiroshi Iwase)

The upper models also provide 4 levels of String Resonance when damper pedal is off, and Key Off Simulator to express reverberation effect generated by key let off.

To offset huge signal processing cost for resonance simulation, Casio has developed an original custom LSI based on its established signal processing technology and circuit design which resulted in high quality sound with unique tonal characters.

In addition, they feature Rid Simulator to express delicate change of resonance when top board opened or closed. The opened piano top makes a special visual effect in performance and on stage.

Some models have 256-note polyphonic capability that is unique for the models priced around 100,000yen.

The action  has upgraded to 3-sensor Scaling Hammer Action II for increased stability and playability. The sensor system has advanced over 100 times from 7 bit to 14 bit. It allows detecting key touch intensity level in nearly continuously variable mode.

The recent market survey conducted by Casio reveals that the customers of these days are more interested in sound and keyboard action than cabinet design and features compared with 6 years ago when they plan to buy a digital piano.

Newly acquired features and functions of Celviano and Privia are expected to attract not only traditional keyboard players and children for music lesson but also new generation of music makers sensitive to trend.

Memorial Ceremony for Late Masamitsu Yamano

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Yamano Music, a leading distributor of various name brands including Fender, Squier guitars, and a recorded music retailer in Japan, holds a memorial ceremony for Masamitsu Yamano, who passed away on July 29, at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo from 2:00 PM to 3:00PM on September 26 (Wed.)

Funeral services were organized by his family members and close relatives earlier.
Masahiko Yamano, his son and the 4th generation of Yamano family, now serves as president/CEO of the company.

Prima Gakki Represents BG, France in Japan

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As of September 15, Prima Gakki, one of the largest music products distributors in Japan, starts distribution of BG wind instrument accessories as the exclusive distributor in the Japanese market.

Tokyo-based Prima Gakki represents a broad line of musical instruments and accessories of domestic and foreign brands including Sankyo and Kotake flutes, Apply hand belles, Rondino wind instrument accessories, Hans Coolsma, KÜng, H.C. Fehr and Bernolin recorders, Getzen wind instruments.