Japan's First Instrument Repair Course at Gifu Women's Junior College

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As the first case for college curriculum, Ohgaki Women's Junior College, Gifu Prefecture, opened a musical instrument repair course 3 years ago as part of General Music Course. The music course provides 5 sub courses of Piano, Electronic Organ, Wind Ensemble, Wind Inst. Repair and Music Therapy.
Today, a total of 50 students study basic repair works and applied technique for wind and brass instruments. Besides hands-on training, they learn about instrument play, sales and communication skills required to work in music products business and comprehensive understanding on music.

Atsunori Hattori, dean of the General Music Course, and vice president of the college, says, "As you know not every graduates of music colleges can start their career as a professional artist. I hope our students are associated with music in life in someway even they choose non-music profession. (photos: hands-on training (left) and Atsunori Hattori directing music ensemble lesson (right) 

"We launched Musical Instrument Repair Course 3 years ago to serve the needs of students who seek job opportunities at music stores. We hope they can pursuit their career with confidence as a specialist. Not a few students have started working at music stores since last year."

At the college, they study repair and maintenance works for flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn and trombone. They are largely music players but have no knowledge on instrument repair. As they continue studying, the college redirects students who have passed an exam to different courses if necessary, when they complete every semester.

Hirowo Watanabe, professor of the Repair Course with extensive experience as a wind instrument repair specialist at Yamaha explains, "Students respect local music store owners and sales staff who supported them continue playing at junior and senior high school. However, as a matter of natural course, they don't know reality of music retail business. (photo right: Watanabe gives instruction on repair works of saxophone.)

To assist their understanding, we provide them with a role-play style lesson to improve their communication skills at retail sales floor. We believe this practical approach will effectively fill gaps between imagination and real life, and help them well-prepared and better aligned in workplace." They are allowed to join Wind Instrument Repair Certification Program organized by Yamaha depending on course.

The Wind Inst. Repair Course students are frequently invited to perform at elementary and junior high schools, shopping malls, homes for elderly, companies, and local communities. Hattori explains, "I know performing 50 times a year at public places means a lot for the students, but we hope they get positive responses from audience and feel pleasure of making music."

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