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Japan Music Trades conducted a regular retail market survey sending a questionnaire to 49 music retailers throughout Japan early June. It's still early to evaluate effects of Abenomics, 26 retailers or 53% of the music retailers responded that their sales during the last 6 months went up compared with the same period of the year before. 25 retailers, reported favorable growth of high-end models. Most importantly, 34 retailers expressed greater expectations for the coming months.

While business looks brighter in cities after spring to holiday season in early May, stores in remote towns are seemingly struggling with slow sales. All in all, it's a positive sign that demands are growing for expensive goods, and consumer is spending more on their purchase.

Steinway Japan Introduces 15th Anniversary Models

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Steinway Japan started distribution of Crown Jewels Special Limited Edition models featuring precious woods on June 18 in celebration of 15 years of business in Japan.

The custom-built pianos under founding concept, "To Build The Best Piano Possible" come in stunningly beautiful cabinets using carefully selected exotic woods including Ziricote, which takes more than 30 years to grow to 18 cm diameter. Those valuable species of woods are gifts of Mother Nature, hard to obtain through regular lumber trade.

That's the reason why Steinway Japan withheld the announcement of the limited edition models for 12 months despite the company exactly celebrated 15th anniversary last year.

Kazuhiro Goto, president of Steinway Japan, and Manfred Sitz, vice president of Steinway & Sons greeted the guests at the press conference held on June 18 at Park Hyatt Tokyo. Sitz thanked the management and staff of Steinway Japan, and the role the subsidiary played to expand the Japanese market during the difficult times the piano industry faced the long slow down worldwide. (photo above, from l. to r.,Kazuhiro Goto, Manfred Sitz and Masahide Mineshima, Marketing Manager, Steinway Japan.) 


Crown Jewels Special Limited Edition models
* Ziricote A-188 Model ¥€22,000,000 (photo right)
* Special Macassar B-211 Model ¥€20,000,000
* Special Macassar M-170 Model €¥€15,000,000
* White Ebony C-180 Model ¥€17,000,000 (photo left)
* White Ebony S-155 Model ¥€15,000,000

All models come in polished lacquered cabinet with a brass anniversary medallion and a matched bench.

One individual Ziricote and Special Macassar models are built for distribution in the world markets, and White Ebony models are exclusively built and distributed in the Japanese market.