New Location for 2014 Musical Instruments Fair Japan

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Musical Instruments Fair Association Japan staged the first regulatory meeting on February 12 for 2014 Musical Instruments Fair Japan, which takes place from November 21 through 23 at a new location, Tokyo Big Site, inviting 250 representatives from 144 companies.

The Fair had been held every other year until 2011 outside Tokyo. As the association decided to review its balance between cost and effectiveness, the industry leaders talked searching how it can serve the needs of today's consumer and to generate passion for music playing. It comes back to Tokyo after 2 years blank with some new impressive plans. (photo: Masahiko Yamano, top, and Reception Hall of West Hall, Tokyo Big Site ) 

In his opening remarks, Masahiko Yamano , chairman of Musical Instruments Fair Association Japan, expressly commented, "I grew up in a retail music family. Like all our senior industry members, I selected this retail music business simply because I love it. Music is a gift for all people and musical instruments are indispensable for playing any style of music. We are involved in the business that helps support musicicians. The Fair could be staged solely to expand music market and music playing population in Japan.

The association produced a 15-minute DVD containing full information on Tokyo Big Site along with an exhibitor regulation for the industry members. The details are also available from the association website. (      

The West 1 and 2 exhibition halls reserved for the Fair offer 17,760 sq. meter exhibit space, which are categorized into 5 zones of 1. Wind, stringed and keyboard Instruments, 2. Digital gears, 3. Drums, 4. Combo Products, and 5. Retail shops organized by retail exhibitors. Individual zones will have a stage for seminars and clinics. In addition to the exhibit space, the organizer plans to provide the visitors with dozens of concerts, an exhibit of music publications and ticket counters at Atrium. 12 meeting/seminar rooms are available for the exhibitors.

The largest feature of the coming Fair is that direct sales to consumer is allowed for the retail exhibitors. The exhibiting manufacturers, distributors and retailers can cooperate in sales sharing inventory data. For the first time in its history, the music products industry will release a Fair image song tying with recording industry. 

The Fair official website will be enhanced with messages from name musicians, FaceBook, twitter and other social network services. Discounted exhibit space fees will be applied to the retail exhibitors.

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