HOSCO Celebrates 30th Year

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HOSCO in Nagoya held a reception party in celebration of its 30th anniversary on Feb. 5 at Nagoya Kokusai Hotel inviting 100 musicians and business partners.
Tsutomu Hosokawa, now company consultant, launched Saga Japan, a Japanese arm of U.S. Saga Musical Instruments, in 1984 with 25 years experience in import and export business.

Started as a specialist distributor of bluegrass instruments, HOSCO has a vast line of wind, string, band and educational-use musical instruments today as well as versatile instrument making tools and parts. It incorporated in 1995 and changed the corporate name to HOSCO in 2007.

Tsutomu Hosokawa, founder and consultant, commented in his opening remarks, "We have supplied bluegrass instruments in the market for long under strong partnership with U.S. Saga Musical Instruments. It's our pleasure that we have established win-win relationship with our partners. We are very grateful for 3 decades of support and friendship of our partners and industry members, and to celebrate the milestone together. We will never be happier than marking 40th, 50th and 60th anniversaries." (photos from l to r, Tsutomu Hosokawa, Shinji Hosokawa and Richard Keldsen)

The guests included Masaki Gotoh, president of Gotoh Gut, Richard Keldsen, president of Saga Musical instruments and Shigeo Kajiyama, president of Tsubosan, Hiroshima-based fine file maker, and a host of professional musicians.

Shinji Hosokawa, president and son of Tsutomu, commented, "Our business line has expanded from bluegrass instruments to electric guitars, wind instrument, percussions and imported instruments today. We are ready to work with our partners toward another milestone."     

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