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Kawai Digital Pianos

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CA13R ¥198,000 (photo left)
CN23R ¥115,000 (photo right)
Premium Rosewood type cabinet is added to CA13 and CN23 digital pianos. With Premium Black Satin Type and Premium Cherry Type, the line now comes in 3 types of finish.

CA13, the most inexpensive model of the Concert Artist Series piano line, features RM3 Grand ivory type wooden keyboard action, Progressive Harmonic Imaging and 88-key stereo sampled piano voices, and rich practice and recording functions.

CN23, a standard model of the CN Series with high quality basic functions for entry level player in attractive price features ivory-type Responsive Hammer Action keyboard and 88-key stereo sampled and Progressive Harmonic Imaging piano voices for the first time for this price range.

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Roland Classic Organ

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C-200 ¥215,000
A compact classical organ joined the Roland Classic Series. Weighing only 12kgs., it features 72 keys to be compatible with piano music and double manual performance, and built-in stereo speakers to suit a variety of situations from private living room, small concert hall, church to wedding reception.

Matched legs and pedal board are sold separately.

In addition to voices of positive organ, cembalo and fortepiano of the baroque age, it provides rich strings, flute and other voices suitable for baroque ensemble applications. It allows the player to select desired pitch and temperament by a single control of buttons.

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Yamaha Digital Keyboard

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PSR-S650 ¥75,000
 Upper model of the Portatone line features large sampled wave data, Smart, Cool and Live Voices to express characteristic nuance of acoustic instruments including wind instrument vibrato and guitar picking in addition to high-quality 865 voices, 16-track recording capability, and versatile automatic accompaniment.

USB connectivity allows the user to exchange song data with PC or save song data to flash memory.

New Mega Voice provides advanced musical expression from fret noise of guitar and bass to delicate hammering, sliding and muting effects.

As many as 181 automatic accompaniment patterns (styles) can be edited by Style Creator for customization.

Music Data Base provides automatic selection of voice, style and tempo simply by choosing desired genre. A large display screen and touch sensitive keys are also offered.

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Korg Digital Keyboard

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microARRANGER ¥50,000
Incorporating two 10cm speakers, 2 5-Watt amps and 61 mini-size keys in compact light-weight structure, it provides 662 instrumental and 33 drum kit voices, 89 effects, and 304 music styles. Simply play melody of desired style with right hand, and press chords with left hand, it allows the user to materialize his or her music image in mind and produce professional quality backing tracks.

It supports SD/SDHC/MMC cards to save 48 additional styles or upload performance data to DAW on PC.

An AC adapter and music desk are included. SC-microARG soft case is sold separately (¥6,000 retail)

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Yamaha Saxophones and Trombone

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YSS-82Z (straight neck model) ¥385,000
YSS-82ZR (curved neck model) ¥395,000
Designed with the concept of YSS-62 much favored by a host of jazz musicians, the Custom Z soprano saxophones were developed with Yamaha's state-of-the-art technology and advice from name artists.

They feature complete one-piece neck through body configuration and fully hand-processed bell. Building major components from neck to bell with one single metal piece, they provide unrestricted play feel and distinguished expression highly recommended for jazz player.

Tapered body, size of tone holes and their layout, and other parts are newly designed for these models. Key mechanism comes in a design and layout based on human engineering as with YSS-875EX flag ship model. 

They are available in B♭ with High F♯ and front F key. The yellow brass body is gold lacquered. Yamaha also accepts order for silver plated and black lacquered and no lucquer models at extra cost of ¥30,000, respectively.

A 4CM mouthpiece and SSC-820 case are standard.

YSL-897Z ¥260,000
Developed with help of Andy Martin, Los Angeles-based trombone player, and Alastair Kay, classical jazz player, the new Custom Z tenor trombone features 190.4mm one-piece yellow brass bell which has been weld-seamed for tight and sharp sound, Z balancer and Z1 and Z2 interchangeable leadpipes to provide two different types of sound for player's choice.

The B♭ model is gold-lacquered, and comes complete with a 46C2 mouthpiece and SLC-891Z case which has two handles on one side and a shoulder strap.

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Suzuki Castanets

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SC-300S ¥1,200
SC-300M ¥1,500
SC-300L ¥1,800
Made of natural Japanese beech, they feature comfortable play feel. They can be played worn on arm and ankle as well ideal for physical rhythm training for children.

Small, medium and large size models are available.

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ESP Electric Guitars & Bass

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7th SUPER NOVA (e-ZUKA model) ¥540,000
Original 7-string unsymmetrical V-shape guitar of e-ZUKA with the popular 'Granrodeo' is now available.

It features laminated swamp ash and Honduras mahogany body, detachable 3-piece hard maple neck, 628mm super long scale, 24-fret ebony fingerboard with e-ZUKA name inlayed on the 12th fret, position markers with embedded ultra bright LED diode controlled by a switch on the body side, Seymour Duncan SCR-In-7 and SH-14-7 pickups on the neck and the bridge, Sperzel Trim-Lock machine heads, and TonePros bridge. Compact headstock comes with a well-defined GR logo.

It's finished in Blue In Black.

A-I (arc) Aoi 'en' model ¥560,000
A-I 'en', the first signature model of Aoi with 'the GazettE' has updated with new features including reversed headstock, mahogany body with beveled arch top, 3-piece hard maple set through neck, 24-fret ebony fingerboard, Seymour Duncan ANTIQUITY II single coil and SL59-In humbucking pickups for the neck, and ESP Aoi original humbucking pickup for the bridge to select versatile combination by a mini switch, and Floyd Rose bridge.

It's finished in Black, and comes complete with a matched hard case,

Paul Jackson Signature Model ¥450,000
Current model of Paul Jackson with 'The HeadHunter' features light ash body, slim hard maple neck, 28-fret ebony fingerboard, one Baltolini MMC-T humbucking pickup, and controls of volume, tone and pickup variation switch.

It's finished in Wine Red with white filler, and the headstock comes with a logo and Jackson's autograph.

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Yamaha Electric-acoustic Guitars

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A3R ¥105,000
AC3R ¥105,000
A3M ¥95,000
AC3M ¥95,000
A1M ¥59,000
AC1M ¥59,000 (top row from l. to r., A3R, AC3R and A3M, bottom row from l. to r., AC3M, A1M and AC1M) 
Yamaha has introduced 6 models of A Series electric-acoustic guitars specially developed for both electric and acoustic guitar players.

Getting feedback from professional and amateur players, they are easy to play for electric guitar players. Featuring refined details from string height and width to shape of neck and edge finish, they have achieved natural play feel.

All models are made of solid Sitka spruce for the top for brighter, fuller sound volume, wider mid range and fine response.

A3R and AC3R have rosewood sides and back, while A3M, AC3M, A1M and AC1M have mahogany sides and back.

Eliminating unwanted frills, body bindings and inlayed sound hole with mahogany and rosewood give the guitars warm and natural look of real wood. They come with a new pick guard designed after N1000's which was quite popular among top guitarists in the '70s.

Traditional western cutaway (A) and more compact folk cutaway (AC) body designs are available.
Upper A3 models are equipped with SRT (Studio Response Technology) system to produce well-projected sound. A1 models come with a newly designed preamplifier.

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Yamaha Guitar Amps

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THR5 (photo left)
THR10 (photo right)
Developed as the '3rd amplifier' following large stage type and small practice model, they offer the guitarist uncompromising performance environment.

The THRs send out guitar and audio source simultaneously in high tonal quality and well balanced sounds. Employing VCM technology which Yamaha developed for its digital mixers, they precisely reproduce sounds of legendary guitar amps. All tonal characteristics of analog circuit from tube to sound volume level are meticulously modeled to allow the guitarist to achieve not only distortion level and tonal color of choice but also tonal volume control unaffecting tonal character.

They feature 8 high quality onboard effects which can be used at the same time, AUX and USB inputs for portable music player and personal computer to enjoy session play or practice. Yamaha's exclusive Extended Stereo function provides well-projected sounds.

They come in retrospective beige enclosure with traditional style orange illumination and handle as well as intuitive controls of switches and knobs.

THR10 in larger enclosure produces deeper mid and bass range, and massive sound pressure suitable for small social gathering. In addition to 5 amp types, it features modeled sounds of electric bass amp, simulated mic sound for electric-acoustic guitar and flat frequency response type, 3-band equalizer, and user memory to save up to 5 settings.

Both models have 10 Watts RMS output, two 8 cm full range speakers, and are operated by AC power or batteries. Since they have USB audio interface, and Cubase AI music production software is bundled, the user can start music production and sound recording with a personal computer run by MacOS X 10.6 or Windows 7. Yamaha provides THR Editor on its website for advanced sound creation.

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Steinberg USB Controllers

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CMC-CH Channel controller
CMC-FD Fader controller
CMC-QC Quick controller
CMC-TP Transport controller
CMC-AI AI controller
Jointly developed by Yamaha and Steinberg, they offer the user intuitive manipulation of 6 different functions and controlling multiple of them simultaneously.

CMC-CH controls channel parameters operated on Cubase. Touch controller function provides catch and jump style control over fader allowing the user shift control in 1,024 steps.

CMC-FD can manipulate 4 channels of Cubase level fader, which is expanded to 16 channels when up to 4 units are connected.

CMC-QC provides quick channel, MIDI change and 4-band EQ parameter control capabilities by 8 knobs with 3 modes.

CMC-PD is most suitable for entering drum voice. Rich functions of Cubase are assignable to individual pads for instant recall of the voices. The touch-sensitive pads grow light in different colors responding to striking intensity. Sixteen velocity curves are also provided.

CMC-TP features locater/marker/track duplication buttons in addition to recording/playback/stop functions. Touch control function is also provided to assign any function from jog, shuttle, locate, scroll, zoom to touch tempo.

CMC-AI is good to control mouse-pointed parameters, volume level of main mix and jog wheel with AI knob to choose desired item. It also has 4 function buttons to assign selected functions.

They work on USB bus power. Bundled with TOOLS for CMC, all functions of the individual controllers are automatically set up so that the player can start works immediately.

They come with a joint-plate to connect multiple units in serial order.

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