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15,600 yen Delivered surface mail. (All areas)
29,000 yen Delivered air mail. (U.S.A., Canada, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Near & Middle East and Europe) 
32,000 yen Delivered air mail. (South America and Africa)
*No refund is available for midterm cancellation.
Japan Music Trades
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1,500 yen for April issue (before 2016)
1,000 yen per issue (Published in and before 2019)
1,500 yen per issue (Published after 2020)
*Please take note that handling charge and postages are added to back issues.
*We provide photocopies in case we don't have back issues in stock at ¥2,000 in addition to ¥500 per page in B/W and ¥600 in 4-color per page, and postages.
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