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December 15, 2021 10:03 AM

Yamaha Jazz Festival Comes Back

29th Hamamatsu Jazz Week took place after 2 years of suspension from October 16 through 24 at Hamamatsu known as the home of music and musical instruments.

The established jazz festival was canceled because of COVID-19 pandemic last year. The organizer revived the event under strict safety regulations coordinating live and virtual programs. Hamamatsu literally turned into a city of jazz during the period as such popular programs including Joyful Jazz Concerts by Parents and Children, Student Jazz Festival and Street Jazz Festival were held at concert halls and jazz clubs throughout the town.

Yamaha Jazz Festival, the highlight of the event took place at Large Hall of Actcity Hamamatsu on October 24 featuring RINA, up and coming pianist and her trio, Takana Miyamoto, an international cross-genre pianist and her trio, and Eric Miyashiro with Yamaha All Star Big Band.

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