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April 19, 2022 3:00 PM

Saito Brand of Nonaka Boeki Moves and Expands

A new factory of Saito brand tuned percussions, a division of Nonaka Boeki completed in Kamoi, Yokohama in May last year now operates as an extensive manufacturing site having all operations from processing, assembly, finishing, repair services to warehouse. Construction works are going on to add an attached studio and showroom which will open early May.

Hideki Nonaka, president of Nonaka Boeki says, “We sought after the best environment continuing production of Saito brand products. It’s our pleasure that we have acquired the right site and upgraded manufacturing adding new machineries. It has also realized much safer conditions for the workers.”

The showroom accommodates a new concert vibraphone with custom-order colored tone bars and a 5-octave marimba among other product lines. The attached soundproof studio is offered for practice of percussion ensemble and concerts. It also provides percussion products including large models besides Saito brands that Nonaka distributes in the Japanese market for free experience by the visitors. The studio is equipped with a high-capacity elevator convenient for carrying in and out of large instruments. (photo right: Hideki Nonaka, left and Toru Saito, assistant manager)

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