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March 16, 2022 11:33 AM

Chick Corea Tribute Events Held at Yamaha Ginza Store

Yamaha held Chick Corea Tribute Week at its Ginza Store, Tokyo from February 9 through 13th. The legendary jazz pianist passed away on February 9, 2021. Since the first tour in 1968, he frequently toured Japan, loved to play Yamaha pianos and performed along with a host of Japanese musicians.

(photos: “Film Concerts” and the 1st floor of Yamaha Ginza Store filled with images of Chick Corea)

The event was held as a tribute to Corea for his great contribution to the music society and an expression of special thanks for his decades-long cooperation and friendship with Yamaha.

The programs included “Film Concert”, which displayed Corea’s much acclaimed live performances on a wide screen of the Yamaha Ginza Store, “Chick Corea on Disklavier,” his music played back on Disklavier automatic player piano he played himself and “Recorded Music Concerts”, concerts of Corea’s selected CD masterpieces along with talk sessions using Yamaha HiFi5000 flagship audio component system.

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