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February 21, 2022 10:33 AM

Sharp Corporation Unveils Humidity Control Material

Sharp Corporation released TEKIjuN humidity control material that controls and keeps desired level of humidity of closed space on January 18. The press conference was also held online.

TEKIjuN protects products from condensation and cracks developed by high humidity and desiccation absorbing and releasing moisture in air. Unlike silica gel, it allows to control humidity level in between 40% and 90%RH(Relative Humidity)by changing balance of contained ingredients.Sharp provides TEKIjuN in beads and sheet types manufactured in desired humidity level and expects to promote them to the world markets.

The beads type TEKIjuN is suitable for industrial and art products, foods, etc. Just put it in acoustic guitar case, it keeps appropriate humidity between 40% and 50% level. While sheet type TEKIjuN has excellent capability to absorb and release moisture instantly which is best used for transportation of construction and electric parts which should be condensation free, the company explains.

TEKIjuN, the world's first material with moisture absorbent and release control capability to be manufactured at any desired humidity level, according to the company, is expected to be sold around the same price as conventional moisture absorbent products. Sharp estimates annual sales of 1billion yen.
Sharp spokesperson says that the company welcomes collaboration with positive partners to develop specific products using TEKIjuN matched to versatile needs in industries. The initial products will be available this spring.

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