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February 16, 2022 11:32 AM

Roland Management Change

Roland Corporation announced an internal resolution on February 10 after Board of Directors Meeting held the same day that Jun-ichi Miki, CEO, Representative Director would step down as his term of office expires and Gordon Raison, CSO, CMO, Director would assume the position as of April. Miki will be appointed to advisor after resignation.

The company also announced nomination of new appointment and reappointment candidates for directors: Shunsuke Sugiura Senior Executive Officer, Masahiro Minowa Executive Officer, Outside Directors of Isao Minabe, Toshihiko Oinuma , Sachiko Murase and Brian K. Heywood.
Official appointments of new Representative Director, Officers and Outside Directors are scheduled on March 30, 2022.

Mr. Miki said, “I assumed the position of CEO in April 2013 under the most critical financial crisis since its incorporation and initiated the company reform without clear guidance at all. Thanks to comprehensive supports by other management members as well as by the relationship with various stakeholders, and among all, due to substantial efforts made by all the employees, we made the Company unlisted in October 2014 after the MBO, and successfully completed the structural reform, which was the biggest issue at that time. We relisted in December 2020.

“Roland is prepared to enter a new phase of growth. I thought this is the right time to go forward under the new leadership of Mr. Gordon Raison. Joined Roland in September 2013, he has greatly contributed to the difficult restructuring processes of Roland with his rich experience in global distribution and marketing. He also has excellent understanding of Japanese culture and business practices.

“Roland will continue to make its best efforts to offer a pleasure of an exciting creation globally and to grow as a company appreciated and supported by people.”

Mr. Raison commented, “It’s my honor to be appointed to the candidate of Roland CEO. I feel humbled succeeding the role from Mr. Miki in this commemorative year Roland celebrates 50th anniversary.

“Moving forward, I would like to create solution-focused and marketing driven company, with a structure and strategies which leverage the strength of our entire global team to continue our growth and expand our positive influence on music and culture well into the future. We exist to Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity and help people realize their full potential through the experience of playing instruments and creating music. All of us at Roland promise to live up to this vision as we enter a new era.”

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