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February 16, 2022 11:31 AM

Yamaha Opens Music School in Saudi Arabia

Yamaha Music School opened in November 2021 in Riyadh, as the first official music teaching studio in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The country is known for its one of the strictest regulations on religion in Near East Gulf area. Music in any forms from live performance to sound reproduction had been restricted at public space for the last 50 years.

As Saudi Vision 2030 was addressed in the country, the government began to issue license for operation of music teaching studio requested by local music distributors around 2016. Yamaha Music School Riyadh represents the first official music teaching studio in town.

Located in a shopping mall in the downtown area in Riyadh, the studio is attached to Yamaha showroom which has a broad selection of Yamaha musical instruments and sound equipment. Versatile teaching programs for piano, electronic keyboard, electric guitar, violin, drums and wind instrument are offered to meet requirements of students from 4-year old children to adult music makers.
Yamaha also plans to open second and third studios in Jeddah and al-Khobar in course of time.

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