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October 13, 2021 11:40 AM

Perfume of Music Created By A Music Retailer

Hamamatsu-based Aoi Music put “Perfume of Music” on the market in the summer of this year. They were created with inspiration taken from masterpieces of classical music by J. S. Bach, Frederik Chopin and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Masayoshi Kawakami, president of Aoi Music says, “Our business entered into a new phase after the COVID-19 started to spread globally. Communication with customers through the internet, live music streaming and online sales have all become a standard in our society today. Music products industry has lost opportunities to provide customers with musical experience real time. The thought of creating Fragrance of Music came to me last year as I talked with industry friends during the lockdown. I wanted to deliver people value of real time experience.

“Perfume and music have a trait in common that their impression changes as they continuously flow. They also inspire people of their feeling and artistic sense. Particularly, their characteristics are hardly felt without physical existence. We thought we could offer people a sense of experience with Fragrance of music. “

Teamed with an experienced perfumer and Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce and industry, Kawakami successfully completed 3 types of Fragrance of Music eau de toilette, ‘Air on the G string’ (J. S. Bach), ‘fuer Elise’ (Ludwig van Beethoven), and ‘Fantaisie Impromptu’ (Frederik Chopin).

Air on the G string has refreshing and pleasant fragrance of lotus, lily of the valley, and cedarwood. Sweet scent of rose and orange were blended for fuer Elise, and Fantaisie Impromptu expresses heavy touch of piano keys with a combination of elegant rose, sandal wood, and vanilla.

Perfume of Music drew attention of multiple media as soon as they were launched. Aoki Music sees music stores as the most prospective customer group as well as young women, and couples to be selected as gifts.

Kawakami expects sales increase of the perfume as they are used while listening to music, or pianists wear them in concerts. He also said that Perfume of Music makes a good match for Hamamatsu, which is called as City of Music, and that could help people to build communication and generate interest in music.

Perfume of Music is distributed by Itoshin Musical Inc. (e-mail:

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