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July 12, 2021 11:09 AM

Yamano Gakki Sets Off Free Instore Music Experience Section

One of the leading music retail chains, Yamano Gakki has launched free music experience section at its outlets. First opened last December at Aeon Shopping mall in Ageo, Saitama-ken, the chain now operates it at 3 mall locations. Individual music experience section shares about 15 square meter space outfitted with a guitar, ukulele, violin, and saxophone offered for free experience as well as a sofa and a low table. Visitors are encouraged to try any instruments provided there which are rental gears for the instore music studio students.

Sales staff are trained at the attached music studios on basics of instruments offered in the section including holding position and how to produce sound.

Shunichi Niikura, consultant for Yamano Music says, “The largest customer group of shopping mall is parents accompanying children. We offer musical instruments popular among young children at the section. They are ready to touch and play in a relaxed setting. A lot of fathers and mothers have experience of music playing, and they talk with children about musical instruments they used to play when young. The sales staff are required to learn about basics of the instruments that are often not much familiar with in addition to standard customer services, but I expect the section serves to provide the visitors with a fun experience and motivate them to start music playing. In the end, I hope it leads to increase music makers.”

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