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June 18, 2021 9:51 PM

Aoyama Harp Moved Tokyo Sales Office & Showroom

Aoyama Harp Company moved Tokyo sales office and showroom from Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, to Nibancho, Chiyodaku, and resumed operation on May 6.

Japan’s exclusive harp specialist manufacturer based in Fukui-ken, Aoyama Harp has launched the 1st Tokyo sales office and showroom in Shibuya-ku to serve customers in Northern Japan area distributing harps, strings, harp-related accessories and printed music as well as an education center offering harp lesson studios and consumer events.

Shin Aoyama, president, says, “We had instrument exhibit area and harp lesson studios separately before, but the new location has allowed us to accommodate every business and service under one roof. Now customers stay here longer than before browsing printed music section and visiting lesson studios.”

Entering the showroom, visitors can see a gorgeous display of Aoyama grand, irish and saul harps partitioned with acrylic panels. In addition to regular models it shows special models in custom design and color finishes. Aoyama plans to add a stage for musical events and seminar space.

The printed music section has more than 6,000 related books and sheet music. The shelves are all hand-made by Aoyama himself and workers with lumber left unused in harp production processes.

Four lesson studios are sound-controlled. The enrolled students are from kindergarten children to high school and university students, and adults including senior aged, many of them amateur musicians.

Aoyama concluded saying, “Before the pandemic, we had visitors not only from all over Japan but also countries throughout the world. It is a pity that almost all gone today. One positive side for us is there is a sizable domestic market and people have much interest in playing harp. I believe there are many ways to contribute harp culture, promote music making and tap the hidden market.”

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