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June 17, 2021 6:14 PM

Suzuki Melodion Celebrates 60th Birthday

Suzuki Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. just announced Suzuki Melodion(melodica)turns 60.
Following the photo contest held last year as part of the 60th anniversary projects, the company opened a special online site recently and launched a new commemorative model on June 6.
Manji Suzuki, founder and late president of Suzuki first developed Melodion in 1961 seeking new business opportunities in the educational market. Six years later Japanese government regulated melodica as one of standard musical instruments to be used in school music programs. Suzuki Melodion stands for melody and accordion, and more than 80 models have been put into the market since then. To this day Suzuki has sold 27.3 million units distributed at 88 countries throughout the world.

Melodica has explored outside the educational market today and widely used by professional musicians and band members. For further promotion of the instrument among wider walks of people in the society, Suzuki named February 1 as Melodion (and melodica) Day last year which was approved as an official day by Japan Anniversary Association.

The new special site offers visitors development history of Melodion, all models introduced to date, artist interviews and their performances. The 60th anniversary model designed after PRO-37 V3 professional instrument is available in special Shining Green, Shining Yellow and Shining Red chassis which define growth, innovation and passion.

Kazunaga Tada, manager of Sales Dept. says, “More than expected responses we have received from customers than we announced 50th anniversary model 10 years ago. That means the market for melodica crossed the border from school to outer world. We have never imagined this scale of growth. It is our great pleasure that the collaboration with the Melodion artists in development works of PRO-37 V3 enhanced our relationship.”

The company plans to increase online seminars, promotion of lesson programs and raise more adult players of Melodion while preparing to organize real live concerts after the pandemic is over.

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