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January 8, 2021 2:37 PM

Obituary Mototsugu Shimamura (1933 – 2020)

Founder and chairman/CEO of Shimamura Music, Mototsugu Shimamura passed away on Dec. 26. He was 87 years old.

Founded in 1962 by Mototsugu Shimamura, Shimamura Music has grown to one of the leading music retailers in the world market with total sales of 38.6 billion yen today with 175 music stores and music teaching studios throughout Japan and 5 locations in China.

Shimamura Music remained as one of local music chains in limited areas of Tokyo and Chiba Pref. until ‘90s, but it rapidly grew to the hottest music retail chain opening retail outlets and music teaching studios one after another at large shopping malls then emerged in suburban areas.

Shimamura said at the company’s 50 years anniversary reception held in 2012, “It’s our mission to offer people joy of music making, and increase music makers as many as possible. We will build real value in our business and win confidence of our customers. Also it’s my hope that all staff at Shimamura music grow themselves through the work and pursue self-fulfillment.”

He much loved jazz and classical music.

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