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December 21, 2020 11:19 AM

Yamaha Launches New Digital Saxophone

Yamaha started distribution of YDS-150 digital saxophone developed to provide first time and entry level players with pleasure of music making on November 20. Prior to the distribution it was presented on the online press conference.

Atsuki Goto, manager of Wind/String/Percussion Instruments Sales Division of Yamaha Music Japan commented, “Saxophone is said to have tonal character close to human voice with unlimited tonal colors and expression capability. YDS-150, a fusion of acoustic and digital technologies, provides entry-level musician fun of playing saxophone in unrestricted environment anytime in any style.” (photo right)

YDS-150 offers 15-level tonal volume control capability. Player can enjoy the sound of saxophone through headphone or earphone at night without disturbing family members. It comes with the same key layout including the side key as acoustic counterpart.

Outfitted with an exclusive mouthpiece designed for alto model, it provides natural and easy play feel free from delicate expression by embouchure. It comes complete with a yellow brass bell, a speaker unit, body and an acoustic tube which delivers sound like acoustic saxophone as the body resonates allowing player communication with his instrument.

Yamaha has developed new sound generators for YDS-150 by sampling sounds of professional saxophonist to provide 73 voices including 56 soprano, alto, tenor and baritone voices. The breath censor controls tonal volume and the output tube generates authentic resistance in play.
Optional YDS Controller app allows player to customize favorite tonal voice, fingering, resistance level, tuning and other settings on own smart device.

Yucco Miller, saxophonist and demonstrator said,“I like sound control capability and easy play feature of YDS-150. As a digital instrument, it provides stable intervals, and you can enjoy sound of any models from soprano to baritone. It may be fun playing in ensemble.”

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