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December 20, 2020 6:07 PM

Korg Opens Experience Lounge

Korg Experience Lounge Shibuya showroom invites visitors to experience all types of Korg digital instruments including latest models.
Launched on November 14 at Sakuragaoka, Shibuya-ku, it also has Guitar Owner’s Salon Shibuya outfitted with two separate rooms for sound check in the same premise where Vox and Musicman electric guitars and basses as well as Blackstar, Kemper, Aguillar and other amps and effects are showcased.

Takasumi Tanaka of Sales Planning CDM Dept. says, “We expect the showroom promotes business relationship with music stores in the area. Customer can try our instruments at the showroom and go to nearby music stores for purchase. Or he can try instruments that music stores do not have.

“We have also redesigned the showroom for Korg digital pianos and other home keyboards located in the headquarters in Inagi, Tokyo to Korg Piano Experience Lounge. So, we now have two showroom facilities for improved convenience for customer.”

Korg regularly replaces gears at the showrooms and organizes music events intensively on weekends to increase customer traffic. On the opening day, it held Live Extreme 4K+DSD Experience session which was followed by a seminar on new NAUTILUS workstation the next day. (photo bottom right: NAUTILUS new workstation)

Says Hiroomi Hayakawa, Korg Service Division, “You can bring in your own instruments to examine connection capability, and compare sound of your instruments and the Korg gears at the showrooms. We are open until 9:00 in the evening so that businessmen can visit after work.”

(photo left: Masahiko Mitsutake, right and Tsuyoshi Okamura. They were involved in developing NAUTILUS and opsix altered FM synthesizer, individually.)

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