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November 19, 2020 9:17 AM

Yamaha Ginza Store Renews 1st and 2nd Floors

Yamaha resumed operation of the 1st and 2nd floors of Yamaha Ginza Store, Tokyo, redesigned as Brand Experience Floors on October 23.

Entering the 1st floor, visitor is greeted with a 25-face large display screen and a ‘keys between table’ digital piano built in a table. Movie contents carrying Yamaha’s brand concept ‘Make Waves’ and images connected keys between table displayed on the screen are visible by passersby through the window. (photo right: ‘keys between table’ digital piano built in a table)

The 1st floor offers a cafe stand and a music table. Visitor sets a cup drink purchased at the caf? on the music table, then a camera captures it and music matched to the image projected on the music table is automatically delivered. It provides the visitor a unique experience even if he or she does not play musical instrument.

The 2nd floor accommodates music books and scores all over the walls in sedate natural settings using wood materials. An eye-catching Real Sound Viewing area with a piano trio set is offered for virtual live stage where artist image is shown along with automatic music performance. Live music is delivered on stage, and attached NOTES BY YAMAHA authentic cafe lounge serves visitor food and drinks related to performed music and composers. (photo right: Real Sound Viewing area)

Also, Yamaha concept models exhibited at overseas design competitions, and prototypes are displayed at Design Exhibition area.

Mamoru Fukuzawa, manager of the Brand Experience Floors says, “In the time of Internet, we are exploring what real stores can offer. This is a special place to let music makers and non-music makers know spirit of Yamaha brand. Here we offer progressive technologies not yet implemented into any Yamaha products for maximum musical experience. We expect this place serves the community and as a means to connect people through Make Waves concept.”

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