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January 16, 2020 6:03 PM

Electronic Musical Instruments Exhibition: 100 Years History

Termen, which is recognized as the first electronic musical instrument was invented by Dr. Lev Termen, Russia in 1920. In the ensuing 100 years, electronic musical instrument has dramatically progressed scientifically and artistically. National Science Museum in Tokyo and Kakehashi Foundation co-staged a special exhibition putting the 100 years history of electronic musical instrument into spotlight from Dec. 3 through 15 in support of Music Dept., Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, Takarazuka City, Tezuka productions, Japan Musical Instruments Association, Association of Musical Electronics Industry and music products manufacturers.

The program included earlier products exhibition, seminars, hands-on experience and concerts. The visitors confirmed great contribution and footstep in development of electronic music of Dr. Termen, Isao Tomita, composer, who devoted his life to electronic music, and Ikutaro Kakehashi, inventor of MIDI, founder of Roland Corp. and pioneer of electronic musical instruments, with the exhibition of original scores, a Grammy Award trophy and other memorabilia. (photos right: Legendary Roland instruments, and Isao Tomita’s original hand-written scores.)

During the 1st week, it presented a consolidated work of Tomita’s surround sound, image and lighting combined with vocaloid keyboard, A-Frame and other cutting edge electronic musical instruments at the main hall atrium.

In addition to workshops of Termen and LittleBits, it provided a special admission free concert using electronic musical instruments and a modular synthesizer at The Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music Hall.

The event drew a total of 37,635 visitors to the exhibition and concerts, and 1,100 for the seminars.

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