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January 16, 2020 6:40 PM

1st Tokyo Effects Pedal Summit

Presented to transmit information and promote communication among effects pedal manufacturers, boutique builders and media, 36 exhibitors took part in the first Tokyo Effects Pedal Summit to introduce 100 brands pedal effects on November 23 and 24 at ESP Entertainment Tokyo. Total attendance was 1,100 for the two days.

Along with broad selection of new and best seller effects pedals on display, the visitors were invited to educational and talk sessions including “Early Days of Effect Pedals: When Uni-Vibe Was Developed” by Fumio Mieda, Korg auditor, known as the designer of Uni-Vibe.

While the visitors were allowed to experience the sound of effects pedals on exhibit through headphone, special sound control room was provided to meet the demands of over 100 effects pedal mania to examine sound directly delivered from the individual units.

500 visitors were busy collecting stamps provided at each exhibitor booth to win attractive gift items including effects pedals by lottery draw. They stayed at the site far longer time than this kind of events. The exhibitors positively evaluated the event that it contributed to sales of 2.25 million yen in total and increased brand awareness.

The 2nd session of Effect Pedal Summit is planned in conjunction with 2020 Musical Instruments Fair Japan in October.

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