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December 9, 2019 3:33 PM

Steinway Showcases Black Diamond Model

Steinway Japan held ‘Lang Lang Plays Black Diamond’ event at Imperial Hotel, Tokyo on Nov. 21 to publicize Black Diamond models incorporating SPIRIO r automatic playing/recording system inviting 80 Steinway pianists and press members.

Black Diamond pianos were born in collaboration between Lang Lang, Steinway artist, and world-class furniture designer Dakota Jackson. They explained the image of Black Diamond likened to the phenomenon developed by explosion of supernova as it generates authentic exquisite sound with the first touch of a single key, instantly came into them while they talked vis-a-vis and shared music together.

To this day Dakota Jackson has designed 3 special Steinway pianos including the emblematic model built in celebration of 300 years history of piano in 2000 as his first collaborative work with Steinway & Sons, and later in 2014, Arabesque, the 160 years anniversary model of the piano maker.

Steinway Japan unveiled SPIRIO top-notch automatic playback system last year. Black Diamond comes with SPIRIO r, an upgraded system with recording capability. Distribution of SPRIO r unit is planned early next year. (photos: Lang Lang and Yuriko Akiyama, president, Steinway Japan)

Lang Lang commented after the performance, “Black Diamond is not only stunningly beautiful but also has overwhelming tonal quality created by state-of-the-art technology. I have listened to some pieces of the music library and felt extraordinary level of sound authenticity just as the pianist actually performs beside me. Playing back my performance, it was exactly I play in every way.”

Black Diamond Model D concert grand
World Distribution: 8 units
Macassar ebony finish
Black Diamond Model B
World Distribution: 88 units
Choice of ebony or Macassar ebony finish
All Black Diamond models come with an exclusive SPIRIO Play List performed by Lang Lang as well as more than 3,600 pieces played by world famous Steinway artists, and recorded only to be played back on Black Diamond, and iPad Pro.

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