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November 11, 2019 4:22 PM

Kawai Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Shigeru Kawai Grand Piano

In 1999, Kawai launched Shigeru Kawai grand pianos named after Shigeru Kawai, second generation of Kawai family succeeding his concept to build ‘Most-acclaimed Pianos In The World Markets.’

In celebration of 20 years history of Shigeru Kawai brand, the company held a reception on Sept. 29 at Pause, Kawai Piano Salon, in Omote-sando, Tokyo inviting about 70 piano teachers and technicians.

Hirotaka Shigeru, chairman and president of Kawai delivered an opening remark saying, “We are happy to announce today that Shigeru Kawai pianos have established themselves and are widely recognized in the global market. Pianos have a long history dating back 300 years ago after it was first introduced. We at Kawai don’t agree that piano is a technically matured musical instrument. While it inherits legendary, history-proven design concepts and manufacturing technologies, it’s our belief that we can continue developing refined building methods and searching better materials for truly innovative advanced instruments. (photo: Hirotaka Kawai)

“We build Shigeru Kawai pianos meeting the needs of pianists feeding back their comments and requirements today and in the coming years.”

Yutaka Nakao, chief of Shigeru Kawai Piano Laboratory, who is one of the few original product development team 20 years ago told early days of their struggle to satisfy critical technical standards set out for Shigeru Kawai grand pianos including use of every material same as Kawai full concert models, newly developed acrylic action mechanism and allotment of selected technicians for tuning.

After a mini concert by Keisuke Toyama, the guests were invited to a reception where Teruyuki Ito, vice president and Masakazu Kusaka, executive managing director of Kawai greeted them. (photo: Keisuke Toyama delivered a mini concert on SK-EX)

A leaflet telling 20 years of building of Shigeru Kawai pianos was presented to the guests.

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