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August 7, 2019 9:52 AM

Kawai Displays SK Grand Piano At Hamamatsu Bullet Train Station

An SK-5 Shigeru Kawai Grand piano has been shown for passers-by at Shinkansen (bullet train) Hamamatsu station in the similar setting of concert hall. The visitors can enjoy authentic concert hall experience, and take photos sitting at the piano.

Kawai celebrates 20th anniversary this year after the company first launched SK-5.

Hamamatsu station set up one individual large and small exhibit spaces inside the ticket gate and concourse in 1979, and offers them local industries today. Three companies including Kawai use the small space to introduce products and disseminate information of the music products industry each for a year.

Kawai introduces history of Shigeru Kawai piano from its debut to today, and a video featuring can Chkmur, grand prix winner of 10th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition playing Kawai SK-EX full concer grand t piano.

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