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July 11, 2019 4:51 PM

Japan’s 2019 First 6-month Term Retail Music Market Survey

Japan Music Trades conducted 2019 first 6-month term retail music market survey sending a questionnaire to 47 music stores throughout Japan in hopes of finding recent climate and trend of retail music business in Japan.

Q1. How was the business in comparison with the same term last year?
19 music stores (40%) replied better and 13 stores (28%) reported no change. 15 stores (32%) commented it went down.
Number of stores which reported better business went down to 40% from 54% in the same term last year. While, 32% stores replied business went down which got worse from 17% last year. Broadly, market environment has deteriorated during the term.

Generally speaking, business during the extra-long 10-day holiday in May was well backed by vibrant demands among students of pop and symphonic bands. Guitars, in particular, achieved considerable growth.

Though most music retailers sell less than 20% of their total product mix on line, the number is gradually increasing.

More than 80% of music retailers replied they are complying recently regulated law to improve workplace environment and work-life balance of store staff.

Q2. How much does your Web business share of total sales?
Over 50%…..6 stores (13%)
Between 20% and 49%…..8 stores(17%)
Less than 20%…..33 sores (70%)

Q3. Plans to improve work-life balance of staff
Already improved to satisfactory level…..10 sores (21%)
Slowly but steadily improving…..29 stores (62%)
Not yet much improved…..8 stores (17%)

Q4. What do you plan for the latter half?
Invest in better product mix…..10 stores (21%)
Upgraded customer service…..13 stores (28%)
Human resources…..21 stores (45%)

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