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July 11, 2019 4:50 PM

21st International Piano Builders and Technicians Meeting in Hamamatsu

International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians(IAPBT)and Japan Piano Technicians Association (JPTA) hosted once every two years meeting of the associations on May 25 and 26 in Hamamatsu.

Dubbed ‘Piano, Piano, Piano’, the event drew more than expected 852 members working in global piano societies including 114 from overseas and students studying piano building and technology in Japan.

While IAPBT meeting provides attendants with opportunities to share information and communication among the members, it serves as a precious occasion where piano technicians can improve their technique attending versatile seminars. As Japanese piano market has been in down trend for decades, piano technicians largely independent operators face increasing pressure for survival. Every technical seminar was fully packed with technicians seeking upgraded skill and knowledge, which will help support their business for coming years.

Takeshi Saida, chairman of JPTA said in his first day speech that spreading pleasure of piano playing was the association’s mission. He suggested strengthening the roles of the association toward the future, the need of reregulation of membership and fee as well as effective use of its website to better transmit and share business information among the members.

The 22nd meeting will be organized by Euro Piano, and takes place in Warsaw, Poland in 2021, and the 23rd meeting follows in U.S. organized by Piano Technician’s Guild in 2023.

IAPBT elected Gunther W. Schaible as the next chairman of the association. He took over the role immediately at the meeting from Takeshi Saida. (photos right: Gunther W. Schaible, new chairman of IAPBT and Takeshi Saida, ex-chairman)

A series of symposiums by leaders of individual association followed on the theme of ‘The Piano Brings Us Rich and Happy Life.’

Such piano and accessory manufacturers as Pianos Bolduc (Canada), B?sendorfer, C. Bechstein, Kawai, Renner Japan, Steinway & Sons, Fazioli and Yamaha provided the members with seminars on the subjects of soundboard, crown, tonal characteristics, voicing, piano structure as well as hands on training. (photo left: Women’s Forum drew about 50 female members.)

The Hamamatsu meeting marked 90th anniversary of JPTA and 40 years anniversary of IAPBT.

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