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June 3, 2019 4:38 PM

Yamaha’s 2019 Revenue Increases About 15%

Yamaha announced that its sales gained 1% or 4.4 billion yen to 437.4 billion yen for the 12-month term ended in March 2019.
The operating revenue increased 14.7% or 7.2 billion yen to 56 billion yen, and the ordinary income increased 18.7% or 9.2 billion yen to 58.4 billion yen. Thus, sales growth has continued for 7 consecutive terms to set another record.

Music business sales rose 2.7% to 282 billion yen, and operating revenue jumped up 24% to 42.9 billion yen. Two-digit sales growth in China was a drive force for overall strong performance of acoustic piano sales. Digital pianos and guitars also achieved 2-digit growth in China and North America. Wind instruments generated excellent sales on entire overseas markets as well.

Sales of pro audio decreased marginal 0.9% to 120.7 billion. The operating revenue ended up with 10.6 million yen, a 0.9% decline. The sales of this segment brought a healthy growth during the term with vibrant domestic sound installation business. On the other hand, sales of professional audio declined in North America and some other markets.

Slow market demands affected the sales of musical instruments parts and device with 34.7 billion yen sales, a 5.4% decline and 2.5 billion yen operating revenue, a 29% decline.

The company expects positive sales and operating revenue for 2020 term, which represents the 1st year of new mid-and long-term business plan.

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