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May 13, 2019 11:46 AM

Fender Shop Opens in MIKIGAKKI AMERICAMURA, Osaka

Asia’s first Fender official shop opened in Miki Gakki Americamura location, Osaka recently. Miki Gakki has explored a new market approach to serve as a professional group of specialist stores in recent years. In that context, Americamura outlet has just turned into an electric guitar specialist store. (photos right: Fender Custom Shop, top, and the electric guitar section where more than 300 gears are shown.)

The Fender Shop in MIKIGAKKI AMERICAMURA shows about 300 Fender electric guitars with characteristic models including custom handmade gears built by seasoned craftsmen laid out in each individual section.

The Fender Shop is segregated from other sales area, with decorated glass partitions, and special models featuring relic touches and unique color finishes as well as photos of Fender master builders all which make it a premium space for electric guitar enthusiasts. The shop also provides a rich selection of models and accessories for first time players.

Miki Gakki held an opening reception in the evening of April 1 inviting a host of artists, guitar freaks and press members.

Akira Furuyama, president of Miki Gakki in T-shirt with a Fender loo
commented in his opening remarks, “We have integrated our business from a traditional full-line M.I. retailer to a more p
rofessional specialist group in the last couple of years. We are now realigned to better serve our customers and share information with them. We have realized at last an exclusive Fender Shop on the second sales floor of Americamura location.”

Edward Cole, president of Fender Musical Instruments Japan said, “Americamura is one of the most exciting towns for musicians in Asia. It’s our most critical mission to support players everywhere on the globe. We have tried to keep happy relationship with independent retailers providing our customers with the highest level of shopping experience. You can expect more Fender Shops to appear in Japan and world’s markets in coming years.” (Photo above: Edward Cole, far left, Michiya Haruhata and Soichiro Yamaguchi with their autographed guitars, and Akira Fukuyama.)

After the guests gave a toast, Michiya Haruhata from TUBE and Soichiro Yamauchi from Fuji Fabric greeted the visitors talking how they had met their favorite Fender guitars, background stories of developing signature models and a live session.

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