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April 4, 2019 2:19 PM

2018 Japan Music Products Production, Import & Export

Advanced export
Statistics of Shizuoka-ken Musical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association shows acoustic piano production in 2018 ended with nearly the same level over the previous year in both units and value. While domestic shipment slightly went down, export increased 3% in units and value. Japanese piano export has increased year by year since 2013, and 2018 saw second largest growth after 2011 with 26,000 units.

Domestic shipment of upright pianos was 9,600 units, 11% decrease from the year before last. On the other hand, grand pianos, which declined in a row in the last 3 years rose 10% in 2018 to 3,700 units. Value wise they increased meager 3% to 13.43 billion yen, and unit value of grand piano slightly declined.

Export of upright and grand pianos, reed instruments and other wind instruments, brass instruments, and piano parts and accessories shared 77% of total export in 2018. Upright piano exports increased 11% to 21.1 billion yen, and grand piano exports gained 6% growth to 13.1 billion yen. Acoustic pianos shared 50% of total export.
Export of electric and electronic musical instruments with keyboard decreased 18% to 4.3 billion yen, and also a few more items underperformed.

Import Remained Flat
Total import kept the same level as the year before last with 55.4 billion yen. Import of acoustic musical instruments including other wind instruments (5.6 billion yen, +17%), bowed instruments (2.8 billion yen, +19%), accordions (0.9 billion yen, +11%) positively increased. Also import of parts of electric and electronic musical instruments & accessories rose 13% to 2.8 billion yen, but electric and electronic musical instruments with keyboard and electric guitars declined 8% to 10.4billion yen, and 13% to 6.6 billion yen, respectively. Top 10 import categories shared 82% of the total import.

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