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October 10, 2018 2:19 PM

Korg Publishes A Book Describing 55 Years History

Korg recently published a book titled, “55 Years of History-NEW, MUSIC, ALWAYS, We Have Come Along With”. The 380-page grand publication contains impressive episodes of legendary Tsutomu Kato, founder of Korg, who passed away in 2011, flashback of early days, encounters with name collaborated musicians and engineers, advent and development of digital technology and competitive climate with the industry giants. It will be appreciated by wider walks of people in the industry ranging from young engineers to veterans.

When it comes to digital musical instruments, we are likely to spotlight on remarkable technical achievements and success, but Kato, who was born to a family in retail business, and spent early days in trading goods before launching Korg, had sharp eyes from the standpoint of customer, and showed a sense of astute businessman backed by definite corporate policies. Today, his philosophy is shared by later generations of Korg management team and engineers as well.

Tomoaki Tanaka, associate professor of Tokyo Keizai University, a supervisor of the project, is known as a specialist of musical instruments and music products industry.

Fumio Mieda, now auditor of Korg, and a fabled engineer in the industry, who has spearheaded product development of the company from earlier stage to today served as editor-in-chief.

Completed by veteran Korg staff with help of the two experts, the book not only tells detailed history of Korg but also provides insights into historical development of digital musical instruments.

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