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July 9, 2018 4:41 PM

Music Products Retail Market Survey (Jan. ? June, 2018)

Japan Music Trades carried out an annual music products retail market survey, which focuses on performance of music stores for 6 months ended on June 30. A total of 48 music retailers throughout Japan responded to the survey.

Compared with the survey of the same period last year, 54% dealers replied their sales increased over the previous year, 29% reported flat sales and 17% commented sales decrease.

The performance was mixed depending on stores and areas, but collectively, they reported business started moving up in spring and peaked before and after holiday season in early May.

About 40% replied that young customers are increasing, and they mainly purchased band and orchestra instruments as well as guitars and related products early May for school and extra-curricular activities.

It’s safe to say that demands among young generations remain strong since only a few dealers commented that they don’t see much of young customers coming into their stores these days.

50% of the dealers replied that average sales price is increasing, and 60% of them expressed expectation toward the coming biggest business season of year.

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