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July 2, 2018 5:17 PM

Obitury-Kazuo Kashio

Kazuo Kashio, chairman, CEO of Casio Computer Co., Ltd. passed away on June 18 of aspiration pneumonia at the age of 89.
Casio plans a memorial service for him later.

Born as the 3rd son of 4 Kashio brothers, Kazuo served as the 3rd president of Casio Computer. The 4 brothers invented 14-A, world’s first compact type electric calculator and launched Casio Computer. In 1972, Kazuo spearheaded development works of Casio Mini personal calculator with which he successfully marketed compact calculator in the mass market.

He also played a key role in marketing G-SHOCK unti-shock wrist watch.

For 27 years of his tenure, he kept an exceptional passion in developing products helpful for people’s life and education.

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