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June 13, 2018 11:34 AM

Yamaha Expands U.S-based Guitar Business

Yamaha launched Yamaha Guitar Group Inc. in U.S., which is responsible for making marketing plans and implementation of U.S.-based guitar business in April. Co-headed by Marcus Ryle and Shoji Mita, the company recently purchased Ampeg, manufacturer of bass amps and bass effects processors, from Loud Audio LLC as part of expanding marketing strategies of the guitar business.

Founded in 1946 as a specialist manufacturer of musical instrument amps, Ampeg introduced numerous innovative and unique products including world’s first amp with built-in reverb unit in 1960s and amps featuring maximum output power among the existent models of the time. Ampeg products are widely supported by musicians in the global market today.

The acquisition of Ampeg is expected to strengthen Yamaha’s bass line and provide bassists with proven expertise and broad solutions.

Yamaha plans to accelerate growth of guitar business by integration of Yamaha, Line 6 and Ampeg brands under one roof, generating synergy effect by taking advantage of the individual brands, and expedite timely product development and efficient strategic marketing centrally based in U.S.

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